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pressing into my faith during rough days

Yesterday was one of those days where I felt like God was testing my faith to see how strong I can be. Even over the last few days, there have been small little things that haven’t been going the way…

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smoothie series: my go-to morning smoothie for a healthy start

I’ve been having a smoothie every single morning the last few weeks and have made a few different kinds that I now alternate between. One of my go-to ones is this delicious blueberry spinach smoothie that is SO good for…

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cute and comfortable blue jumpsuit for spring

I have been wanting to share this jumpsuit for sooo long now because it’s absolutely perfect for spring and summer! We’re talking tons of legroom, POCKETS, and all the stripes! It’s just such an easy outfit to throw on if…

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spicy hoisin chicken udon noodles

It’s been a hot minute since I last did a recipe post for y’all and since I got so many requests to share my udon noodles, I thought I’d go ahead and make it again and share all the deets!!…

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dark romantic florals for spring

Floral print is definitely not a new trend and will always be a go-to print for spring and summer. One thing I like about this dress from Topshop is that it’s a feminine with a little edge! When we think…

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spring’s hottest trends

It’s officially spring and for me, that means out with the old and in with the new! I’ll be spending the next few days sorting through my old clothes and making a donation box to make room for new spring…

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five ways to stay fit in LA without breaking the bank

Alright, want the truth? I got some new workout gear in and thought… I need to write myself a fitness post to inspire myself to get outside and put these babies to good use! And guess what, it worked!! I…

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tips on how to fly safely with your pet

With the most recent news of the 10-month old puppy that died on a United Airlines flight this past week, I felt obligated to write a post about it in order to help avoid something like this from happening again…

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the best of polka dots

I’m super excited about this round up because you know when it comes to spring, I’m all about polka dots! I found a darling polka dot wrap dress that is going to be a spring essential for me (even into…

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proof in 1 use with L’Oréal® Paris Elvive

  If you scroll through some of my photos on Instagram, one thing you’ll notice is that I usually have my hair curled. I usually use some sort of heat styling tool whether it’s a blow dryer, straightener, curling wand…

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valentino dupe

I’m SO EXCITED to share that I found a dupe of my Rockstud Quilted Leather Valentino bag that I’m soooo obsessed with. I actually don’t take it out that much just because it’s so precious so I only wear it…

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