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being a tourist in my own city

Who here has not been to The Los Angeles County Museum of Art yet?! If you ever visit LA, LACMA is definitely a staple of Los Angeles and you have to check it out once! It’s absolutely massive but you’ll…

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texas tuscan mac & cheese

Time for another recipe! This is the Texas Tuscan Mac & Cheese that we made and posted last week on Instagram Stories and I KNEW y’all were going to ask for the recipe so I made sure to take a…

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life at the beach through Foster Grant sunglasses

Thank you Foster Grant for sponsoring this post. Visit for all the latest sunglasses styles at amazing prices – for the many shades of you!™    Click on the above image to shop! Today I’m teaming up with…

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the perfect breezy romper

It’s true, I’m desperately craving a vacation right now– somewhere exotic for sure. I know there are beaches around me in California but it’s not EXOTIC you feel me?! I’ve actually NEVER been to Mexico and I’m heavily leaning towards…

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why I don’t drink coffee and drink green tea instead

Yesterday I shared the fact that I don’t drink coffee via IG stories and so many of you were so surprised! Some of you told me you drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day and then I was surprised too!…

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smoothie series: beauty smoothie

You guys asked for it and it’s time for me to deliver! The ultimate skin perfecting smoothie is here for you to try and fall in love with! 🙂 I actually love making this smoothie when I’m feeling stressed  or…

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kimonos I’m loving under $100

Kimonos are so stinkin’ cute and make any outfit look effortless and chic. You’ll start to see more and more kimonos during warmer months and it’s a great add-on for festival gear too! Fun fact: Kimonos actually originated from Japan…

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your go-to $49 pastel dress

I’m headed to Dallas today and I CAN NOT contain my excitement!! Expect tons of IG stories with my cutie little Snuffy. 🙈 If you’re new here, first of all thank you for stopping by! Second of all, Ajeet (the hubs)…

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pressing into my faith during rough days

Yesterday was one of those days where I felt like God was testing my faith to see how strong I can be. Even over the last few days, there have been small little things that haven’t been going the way…

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smoothie series: my go-to morning smoothie for a healthy start

I’ve been having a smoothie every single morning the last few weeks and have made a few different kinds that I now alternate between. One of my go-to ones is this delicious blueberry spinach smoothie that is SO good for…

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cute and comfortable blue jumpsuit for spring

I have been wanting to share this jumpsuit for sooo long now because it’s absolutely perfect for spring and summer! We’re talking tons of legroom, POCKETS, and all the stripes! It’s just such an easy outfit to throw on if…

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