my favorite fruit is also a vegetable || jamba juice

How many of you knew that watermelon was both a fruit and a vegetable?!

With the most recent heat wave in LA and me having to travel to Dallas this week where it’s 100+ degree weather, I’m in need of some MAJOR cool down moments and that’s why the hubs and I are headed to the beach on this fine Monday! I don’t know what it is about summer time but I’m always craving a good, sweet watermelon however I’m also too lazy to go buy one and cut it up myself (like…I’m not even sure if I know how to?!). I used to eat watermelons ALL SUMMER long growing up because my dad would cut them up in chunks for me and my sister! Truth be told, I haven’t had a bite of a watermelon since the day I moved to LA because I’m too lazy to figure out how to cut that messy ol’ fruit! Moments like these totally make me miss my parents because they always did so much for my sister and I– including cutting up all our fruits! #daddyslittlegirl over here btw!

Lucky for me, Jamba Juice being the ultimate savior that they are, just released THREE new watermelon menu items!! Needless to say, I’ve been getting them pretty much as often as I can before the limited edition items leave us! I actually got all three of their watermelon menu items and took them with me to the beach so Ajeet and I can share. We’re both 100% into watermelon anything (drinks, candy, you name it). Not only do they taste AMAZING, all three items are full of vitamins and minerals to help support your metabolism!! I’m talking vitamin A, C and all sorts of other healthy things!

Here’s what you need to ask for the next time you’re at Jamba Juice:

All three are only available for a limited time only so be sure to stop by your local Jamba Juice to grab your very summery smoothie! 🙂 Let me know if you try it, you’re going to love it! Chat soon, xo!








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