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how to get started with essential oils


Hi from Palm Springs, my friends!! You guys won’t believe this but we brought our essential oils with us to our Palm Springs house this week and that got me thinking, I should really tell you guys a bit more about our experience and how we got started!! My sister was actually the one that introduced me to essential oils and naturally, I brushed it off and laughed at her thinking all of that is nonsense. I was visiting her in San Antonio a while back and I had a pretty rough headache and she put some sort of essential oil on my neck and temples and my goodness I instantly felt SO much better. I don’t know if that would work for migraines, but it did the trick for my headache and ever since that day, I’ve been a FIRM believer of essential oils! I even take their On Guard cough drops when I’m feeling sick (they work like magic) and I always tell people if you had to buy one thing from doTERRA, get the drops!! They’re a total game changer!!

Every single day my obsession with essential oils grows even more and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about them and I wanted to create a solid resource for you on my blog if you’re ever curious about essential oils. You can use essential oils for immune support, sleep support, mood support and so so much more. I know how overwhelming it can be (trust me, I was right there with you a few months back when my sister was filling me in) and it’s really tough to figure out where to start and what to get. I’m going to do my best to break everything down for you and answer as many questions as possible right here! Let’s do this!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are simply distilled plants in a bottle. That’s the easiest way I can put it without going into all the technical details. Essential oils are obtained through a process called distillation and you then get a highly concentrated portion of essential oil that each has its own characteristic scent and property of the plant from which it was extracted giving you the true essence of that plant. It’s proven to have had medicinal and therapeutic benefits and like I said, I didn’t believe any of it until I actually tried it and I hope to get you guys to try it too after reading this because it’s so good!!

Why doTERRA?

My sister and I did extensive research on where to get essential oils and the safest brand in the industry and it came down to doTERRA or Young Living. I personally went with doTERRA because I’ve tried out their products at my sister’s house and simply fell in love. I think both doTERRA and Young Living are great options but if you want to join the essential oil journey with me, I can definitely provide you more information about doTERRA. I will say that whatever you do, don’t bother buying them from Amazon or anywhere else where you think you can find a cheaper option because it’s not worth it. If you’re going to get into essential oils, it’s important to make sure they are of the highest quality with any dilution or chemical additives. You’re going to be diffusing these oils in your home and you don’t want anything that is unsafe around the house!

What to buy?

I started out with getting this diffuser from doTERRA along with 5 essential oils and the On Guard drops! Here are the 5 drops:

doTERRA also has a introductory kit that you can look into getting but I wanted to handpick my first few oils based on what I need right now. Next on my list to get will be peppermint (for my headaches) and lemon because I want to start blending more oils together in the future!

How I use them?

I’m going to be sharing an entire blog post about some of my favorite blends and what I use each for so stay tuned for that!

But wait…what’s your favorite blend so far?

Ajeet and I love to blend lavender (great for stress, sleep, skin, anxiety) and frankincense (great for nausea, asthma, coughing) in the diffuser before going to bed. You’ll feel so calm and relaxed before sleeping and that blend helps with stress and sleep support!

Needless to say at this point, I’m already hooked. I’ve been using essential oils for about a month now and I know I still have a lot to learn about them but I wanted to share my knowledge with you guys thus far. I’m so glad to take you all on my essential oil journey and I’ll start sharing more blends and benefits with you as I experience them myself! I might actually get my sister to guest write on my blog to share her experience + favorite blends with you because I think it’ll be truly helpful since she’s been diffusing oils for years now! As always, thanks for stopping by and we’ll chat soon! Xo



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