one year update with Clarins

Clarins recently sent me another bottle of their Double Serum which previously lasted me an entire year! After working with Clarins last year, I knew I wanted to work with them again and again and again because their products are so amazing for your skin. The Double Serum is no different.

When I started using Clarins Double Serum last year, I noticed a difference in my skin within a little over a week. My skin felt and looked brighter and healthier with a more even complexion. I noticed my overall skin feeling tighter and visibly firm after 2-3 months of consistently using it and after seeing those results, I never stopped using the serum. It’s just been an integral part of my every day skincare routine and a little goes a long way which is why the bottle lasted me almost a whole year! I used to use it morning and night but I switched to just at night once I started seeing enough of a difference.

Key things to note about Clarins Double Serum:

  •  It’s made with 21 skin-nourishing plant extracts including Turmeric!
  •  Great as a morning and night serum
  • Works for all skin types, even sensitive skin like me!
  • It’s 2 serums in one (part oil, part water) that helps target signs of skin aging
  • You’ll notice smoother skin pretty quick—for me it was a little over a week!

If you want more detailed information about Clarins Double Serum, click here! Chat soon, xo!

This post is sponsored by Clarins. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make Next With Nita possible.

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