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how to maintain healthy hair + my current haircare routine

how to maintain healthy hair + my current haircare routine

As you all know, I cut off 6 inches of my hair recently and it honestly feels SO GOOD to have shorter hair now! By good, I mean everything feels incredibly healthy. The thing is, I’m desperately looking to add some texture to my hair since it’s just my natural hair color and it has been for a while now. The last time I permanently colored my hair was back in December 2016 when I dyed it jet black! It took about a year or so to completely get my color back. I’m going to switch things up on Wednesday during my hair appointment and I can’t wait to share the final look with you guys!

In the mean time, I’m trying to find ways to maintain my healthy hair (I know I just mentioned highlighting it lol) but I’m doing what I can otherwise!! I want to share some tips with you all that has helped me maintain healthy hair along with my current haircare routine + products I love!


  1. Shampoo your hair once a week with this product. It sounds strange, but ACV is incredible for your hair and it helps to strip your scalp of dirt/oil and any other build up. I have super oily hair and using this once a week has helped me go a few days without having to wash my hair which is great! Plus, this leaves your hair soft and shiny! You may have to get used to the smell though because it isn’t the most PLEASANT scent but it’s not that strong either. Trust me though, your hair will thank you for using this product. Plus, you can even replace your shampoo/conditioner with it once or twice a week for better results!
  2. Try and find a shampoo/conditioner that doesn’t have sulfates, silicones and alcohol in it if possible! All that stuff just stripes natural oils from your hair and weighs it down.
  3. TRY your best not to brush your hair when it’s wet as that’s when the most breakage occurs!
  4. Get a trim every 6-8 weeks, it helps!
  5. Avoid heat products when you can. Personally, I try and go about 2-3 days a week air drying my hair instead of blow drying. On those days, I also avoid curling my hair or straightening it too. Basically, have some ‘no heat’ days!! When you have to use heat, make sure to use a heat protectant.
  6. My hairstylist told me to start washing my hair with cold water since it helps seal in moisture…but like, truthfully I don’t do this. I like hot and steamy showers!!!
  7. Pick the right hair tie as they typically pull and break your hair. I love these and these!
  8. If you have a day off and your hair is feeling super dry, rub some coconut oil on the ends and leave it in there for a few hours and then rinse! It’s such a good, natural mask!
  9. Sleep on a silk pillowcase!! I’m going to have a blog post on this soon because this has changed my life but this is the one I use!
  10. Add collagen peptides to your diet! I’ve been taking these in my morning smoothie and it’s helped my skin, hair and nails a lot! you have to be consistent with it and I didn’t notice a difference until after a month of taking it.
  11. Don’t wash your hair every single day. This may be obvious but doing this dries your hair out and also strips out the good oils so try and wash it every other day and gradually increase it! I go every 2 days without washing my hair.
  12. Don’t wrap your hair in your regular ol’ towel because that can cause LOTS of frizz. I use this one and it helps reduce drying time, controls frizz and breakfast, and is super lightweight!



I talked about this earlier, but sometimes I like to use this before I shampoo/conditioner or I’ll replace it altogether for a day!


I’ll start out by saying I switch my shampoo/conditioner every 3-4 months. I’ve tried tons of different brands (drugstore & luxury) but this is the current shampoo and conditioner I’m using right now. I love how this is designed to repair and restore your hair and it smells wonderful! I’ve also used Living Proof’s shampoo and conditioner and that’s really good too! They have different kinds and the ‘perfect hair day’ one is just as amazing!


I use a hair mask once a week and I alternate between this one, this one and this one. All three are so good for your hair and it helps improve elasticity, rebuild hair fiber and leaves your hair feeling soft, full and gorgeous! It really does help restore your hair back to health which is why I heavily recommend masking once a week– it doesn’t necessarily have to be any of those three masks because there are a ton of others out there that are amazing! I know this one from L’OCCITANE is really good too but I haven’t tried it yet! Be sure to leave it in your hair for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.


I love using this product on the ends of my hair after I finish styling, it makes my hair seem like I just got a fresh cut!


I switch between two sprays– this one and this one! I’ve been using this for for years and it’s still my go-to because it literally just makes those tangles disappear like magic. But remember to spray it on your ends and the middle of your hair, not the roots!!


I use a few different kinds of heat protectants primarily because I get sent tons of product and I like to test them out for you all! So far, I’ve been alternating between this one, this one, AND this one. I found that these three work pretty similarly and really does help prevent your hair from heat damage!


This is my favorite texturing spray because it smells so good and actually does what it says it’ll do without making your hair feel greasy and crunchy at the same time. If I’m going for a more beachy waves look,  I love adding this spray to really emphasize the waves and add a bit of shine!

Phew, that was lengthy!! I just wanted to put as much information I can in this blog post so you guys can always reference it if you have any questions. I’ll do another blog post on the styling tools that I use and love because that in itself is pretty lengthy and I don’t want to overwhelm you! I hope you found this post helpful, let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for stopping by and we’ll chat soon!




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