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The Ultimate Overpacker’s Guide: Mastering Packing with Hacks and Tips for the Whole Family


Packing for a family trip, especially with little ones, can be quite the adventure, but don’t worry – I’ve got your back! Let’s just say I’ve gotten a lot of practice. I’m here to share my packing hacks and tips that I’ve learned along the way. That have transformed my chaotic packing experiences into seamless adventures!

Where It Starts: The KonMari Method

Imagine your suitcase as a canva with each item you pack should spark joy! Marie Kondo’s wisdom isn’t just for decluttering your home; it’s the secret sauce for a perfectly packed bag. If you’re anything like me, and tend to overshop, and everything you packed “sparks you joy!” – haha Lucky for me, my husband comes in handy for this process! So grab your partner, mom, siblings or courage lol to eliminate unnecessary baggage – both physical and emotional – behind! First step: DONE! Phew. 

The Hacks & Tips

Now that you have decluttered your suitcase and made room in your partner’s bag for the rest of your items…we organize! Traveling is already a hassle so why not travel smart to make it a bit less stressful. 

Roll or Fold, the Choice is Yours

When it comes to packing clothes, choose between rolling and folding based on your preferences. And no, throwing everything in your bag is not a choice. From my experience, rolling works wonders for me! It helps prevent wrinkles and maximizes space. I recommend playing around with both techniques to find out what suits your items best.

Tip: Use organizational packing systems

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are one of my favorite ways to stay organized. They’re literally lifesavers “But how do I decide what goes in what cube Nita?!?” Organize your packing cubes either by outfit or category. Packing by outfit means you have a complete ensemble in one cube, ready to wear. Or – you can pack by category– one cube for tops and one cube for bottoms.10/10 recommend!

Utilize Clear Cubes for Toiletries

Dealing with toiletries can be tedious when packing, but I promise if you do it right you’ll love it! Speaking of love, Amazon has super cute and compact toiletry bags and containers for travel. If you make sure to pack these correctly, security checks are a breeze! Opt for clear or mesh packing cubes for your toiletries. OR more aesthetically pleasing ones that spark joy! Isn’t that what this is about?! Place leak-prone items in small plastic bags before putting them into the packing cube for an extra layer of protection.

Traveling Essentials

Remember your Water

I don’t know if it’s just me, but buying water for the whole family at the airport feels like dining at a 5-star restaurant! Pack water bottles or tumblers for you and the fam –Save that money on water bottles for a real treat! (GIRL MATH) you’ll thank me later.

Packing Smart Saves Lives…and Time 

It really does – just ask my husband! Happy wife, happy life! Whether you’re traveling with family or solo, you don’t want to spend your trip stressing over locating items. These travel packing hacks are designed to ease the burden of preparing for your trip. Be sure to follow me on LTK, IG, and Tiktok to see what’s Next With Nita. Leave a comment of what you’d like to know more about!


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