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how silk pillowcases changed my hair & skin for the better

LA-based lifestyle blogger Nita Mann from Next With Nita shares her thoughts on silk pillowcases and how it's changed her skin and hair forever for the better!

In order to look and feel our best, we (including my men out there) need our beauty sleep. Ajeet and I get about roughly 5 hours of sleep at night with all the blogging grind and since it’s not the recommended 8 hours, I’ve been looking into ways to maximize our beauty rest. If you follow me on IG stories, I mentioned how I was thinking about buying silk pillowcases because I’ve heard incredible things about them! I took the plunge and bought them and since it’s been two months, I figured I should update you guys on my thoughts!


If you take on the Internet, you’re going to read TONS of articles about silk pillowcases that say roughly the same thing– silk pillowcases are great for sensitive skin and also prevent wrinkles and breakouts. Silk has properties to deter aging and that may be true but I haven’t noticed a difference with wrinkles quite yet, I think it’s too soon! However, I have noticed a huge difference on how my hair and skin feel in the morning. Unlike cotton, which sucks moisturizer out of your skin and dries it out, silk actually doesn’t absorb moisture at all so all the products you put into your skin at night can actually work like they’re supposed to. Your face feels SO fresh and so clean when you wake up too, it’s crazy to see the difference!

Another thing I’ve noticed is I no longer get any sleep lines when I wake up! Cotton pillowcases tend to tug on your face which causes those creases (and I assume causes long-term wrinkles) and that’s just not a problem anymore with these silk pillowcases I got!

For me personally, I have noticed less breakouts. I still have the occasional stress or hormonal ones and that just comes down to me and my diet, you know? I have noticed the random ones I get throughout the month that possibly come from bacteria buildup on my pillowcases don’t happen anymore which is a plus in my book!

Lastly, one perk that I didn’t really see online but something I noticed was that silk pillowcases actually stay cool throughout the night. Does anyone else flip their pillowcases in the middle of the night randomly because it gets to hot or is just that me?! I love sleeping on a cool surface so I seriously can’t live without these silk pillowcases anymore!!


I actually wash my hair less since I bought my silk pillowcases because I don’t really get those extreme cases of bed head anymore!! My hair is surprisingly silky/smooth in the morning instead of the usual dry and crazy like it was before when I used cotton pillowcases. Again, I think this has to do with the fact that silk stimulates hydration, giving shinier and overall healthy looking hair.

Since silk naturally has a smooth surface, it actually helps reduce friction on your hair which in turn cases damage (i.e. frizziness, split ends, all the things we don’t want in life). I read about this online before purchasing and it almost felt too good to be true. Simply buying a $30 pillowcase will help reduce frizziness?! How have I just now found out about this!!! Trust me, you want to get your hands on these now!

Lastly about hair, a hair stylist told me that silk pillowcases can actually prevent thinning of hair too! As I mentioned earlier, cotton pillowcases can tug at your hair, causing the strands to break off. Because of that, your hair will start to thin over time and girls, y’all know I complain about having thin hair all the time so I’ll take all the steps necessary in order to avoid future thinning!!

What do y’all think, are you convinced yet?! I went ahead and purchased two for me and Ajeet but if you’re still hesitant, get one and test it out yourself– you won’t be disappointed! The ones I purchased are hypoallergenic which is great if you have sensitive, dry skin or for those that suffer from allergies too! Let me know if you get them and your thoughts!! Hope this helps, chat soon loves!

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