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the OTK boots you need

I’ve been wearing these black suede over-the-knee boots since 2016! I got them on sale at Nordstrom for about $245 and even then, I honestly thought I was spending too much. I was in need of a good pair of black OTK boots that I can wear all day and I remember coming home after making that purchase asking Ajeet if it was ok. I just felt so guilty about buying them, I don’t know why! Ajeet of course was like “why are you asking me, buy whatever you want!” lol but I kept on talking about why they could be worth the money– clearly I was only trying to convince myself. Ultimately, I kept them and it was the best decision ever. I wear these all the time. I’ve worn them out on 8 hour days and I’ve even worn them out on rainy days. I know they are suede but these have held up SO WELL and are crazy comfortable. Cole Haan makes the most comfortable shoes and these boots were a true testament to that.

Why am I bringing it up now? Well, a lot of you have purchased them over the last year but I’ve noticed that there are less and less sizes available and I’m worried they’ll sell out completely soon!! These boots need their own blog post so if you’re looking for super comfortable, everyday wear OTK boots…these are it! Fits TTS!

Check to see if they still have your size at:

Saks Fifth

Today, I’m wearing the boots with my faux leather spanx and a cozy sweater! Anyway, I hope you all have a great rest of the week and of course, we’ll chat soon!




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