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New Year, New Order: 5 Ways to Stay Organized in 2024

Have you ever found yourself standing in the chaos of a cluttered room or a disheveled home, contemplating the idea of just leaving it for tomorrow…again? I’ve been there too! The overwhelming question of where and how to start is something we all struggle with. In 2024, we are changing that together one misplaced item at a time! 

  1. Declutter 

Taking on the challenge of decluttering your home isn’t just a task; it’s a game-changer for your space and your peace of mind. If an item hasn’t seen the light of day in a while, it’s a clear sign that it might be time to part ways with it. Sorry not sorry! The more we can clean out, the less clutter you’ll feel! Plus, you’ll actually have room for the stuff that you want rather than miscellaneous items taking up the room! Now that we’ve decluttered, we’re left with a blank canvas, and our mission is to reintroduce only the essentials. Let’s start with some pretty velvet hangers, or matching storage boxes

Decluttering Essentials

Cardboard Boxes

Garbage Bags

Hand Held Vacuum 

All Purpose Cleaner 


  1. Find a Home For Your Things

So, here’s the deal, sorting stuff into categories when you’re tidying up isn’t just about making things look neat; it’s like giving each item its own cozy home. When doing this you are setting yourself up for the future. For example keys, paperwork, wallets, and handbags, are items that come to mind that we tend to misplace all the time! When you have a home for each item you’ll know exactly where to put them away AND you’ll know exactly where to find them! Especially when you’re juggling mom life in the mix. It’s the small wins that make daily life a tad bit smoother, right? 

3. Storage Bins and Containers

Ok now the fun stuff! Making each corner of your home an aesthetic organized heaven! Keep in mind that these storage systems are going to be used everyday! Invest in sturdy and versatile storage bins and containers. These are lifesavers for decluttering and categorizing your belongings. Look for transparent options to easily identify contents, and consider stackable designs to maximize space. From closet shelves, shoe storage, to under-bed storage, to food storage containers for your pantry or kitchen! These containers become your go-to solution for a beautiful tidy home!

Organization Essentials





Label Maker

4. Label Your Containers

Getting even more organized? Cue the label maker – We’re not playing games here; if we’re committing to organization, a label maker is a must! Just kidding, but if you’ve already made it this far, why not? Create clear and legible labels for your pretty storage bins, shelves, or even sections of your closet! This ensures everything has its designated place and makes it a breeze to find what you need when you need it. 

5. Be Realistic

When decluttering spaces like your kitchen or closet, it’s helpful to establish limits on the amount of space each section can occupy. Really take into consideration how many shelves in your bathroom can realistically be dedicated to makeup and skincare? How many kitchen cabinets can reasonably be filled with small appliances? Setting these boundaries not only prevents excessive accumulation but also encourages a more mindful and intentional organization of your belongings.  And it will put a smile on your face when you look into these spaces. 🙂

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