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we took about 200 photos for this look

The first week of January has flown by, hasn’t it? In one week I went from being in freezing weather in Dallas back to 70s here in LA and I’m quite surprised that I haven’t gotten sick yet (knock on all the woods)! This shoot was taken in Dallas when it was roughly 23 degrees out and one day I’ll show you my real face taking this shoot. We took about maybe 200ish photos, primarily because you could SEE how cold it was through the look in me eyes. It’s rather hilarious so one day I’ll show ya– maybe on IG stories? Maybe a quick YouTube video?

I do adore this entire look though and I hope you girls do too! My dress is from Vici and if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you probably see that I’m posting a lot about Vici and it’s honestly because the boutique has the CUTEST stuff from sweaters to dresses to handbags. It’s so fun and unique! I don’t even get commission by giving you the links from the store (full disclosure over here) so that should REALLY tell you how much I love them, hah! I love the color of this dress (it comes in black) but the thing with the boutique is stuff sells out, quick. There’s an option to have them email you when something comes back in stock in your size and I heavily recommend doing that! Vici restocks every week so there’s a good chance something you have your eye on will be back!

As for the accessories, I decided to steal my sister’s brand new Chloé bag and I wish I could steal it some more. I’m in love with the ring grip and the color can honestly go with anything!! It’s a stunning bag, one that I will work my butt off to buy for myself one day! As for my shoes, my amazing mother-in-law bought them for me for Christmas. She has impeccable taste and picked these out while she was in New York for me and I can’t thank her enough!! I’m going to link both the purse and shoes but I must warn you, they aren’t cheap. This post is different right? You normally see handbags less than $50 and shoes less than $100, hah! I’ll mix it up and have tons of affordable, college-budget friendly stuff for y’all soon but for now, let me enjoy this moment of a borrowed Chloé bag, ok?! Thanks for all your support and love, y’all. Next Monday’s post is going to be super gritty I think. I’m working on it..slightly on the fence about posting but I probably will anyway. Stay tuned, chat soon and have a fun weekend!! If you’re in New York, send me some snow please and thank you!



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