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hydration in the desert with L’Occitane

Everyone has their own skin type whether you’re more on the dry side, normal/combo, oily, or a combination of those mentioned above. For me, it’s pretty safe to say I have extremely dry skin and so I’m very careful about the products I choose to put on my skin as I don’t want anything to further strip away the [minimal] oil I have. You can imagine my excitement when L’Occitane introduced their new AQUA Réotier range!! I took everything from the new line to Palm Desert with me (it’s with me in Mexico as well!!) and my skin felt so creamy and hydrated the entire weekend!

What’s in AQUA Réotier:

  • Hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain moisturizer
  • Glycerin to help capture water molecules at the skin’s surface to hydrate it
  • Calcium which helps skin maintain its moisture barrier and preserve its natural hydration

Those three active ingredients put together create amazing, refreshing products like these!


Here’s the order in which you’ll want to use the products:

Water Gel Cleanser: This cleanser leaves your face feeling incredibly clean, smooth and so SO fresh! I love how pure and lightweight it is—and don’t worry, the scent is subtle and actually smells GOOD! The moisturizer I used to use in the past was a clay cleanser and although it was good for sensitive skin, it stripped away all the moisturizer from my skin and if you’re a dry skin gal like me, that’s just a big no no! This water gel cleanser does not do that at all. It gently foams onto your skin, you’ll love it I promise!

Moisture Prep Essence: Where has this been all my life?! You’ll want to apply this essence right after cleansing to give your skin that preliminary layer of moisturizer and my heavens it’s good!!

Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel: What I love about this gel is that it’s not just for those with dry skin. It’s actually very light and non-oily so anyone can use it! This product will leave your skin feeling super soft and provides the moisture you need without being too oily!

Ultra Thirst-Quenching Cream: This will be the last thing you put on your face before you’re ready to go! I love how subtle and light this moisturizer is as well—that’s one key thing I’ve noticed with all the products is that everything is incredibly light and airy. This moisturizer is also great for people with sensitive skin (Next With Nita tested!!!)

Fresh Moisturizing Mist: This one doesn’t require much explaining since it’s a mist and you can spray it onto your skin at any point you’re feeling dry. It’s great for travel and of course like everything else, smells so good!

I hope that breakdown helps you get a better idea of the new range and in what order to use them! I know it can get confusing when you have a lengthier skincare routine but all the products are so good for your skin and they won’t break the bank! Let me know if you try any of these products and what you think. Chat soon!!






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