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nyfw day 4 recap: that’s a wrap

How was your Valentine’s Day?! The hubs and I were planning on staying in and cooking a meal since we both haven’t had a home cooked meal in over a week BUT that didn’t work out!! We had family in town (our twin cousins!) and they were eating dinner right by the Grove so we were like, why not?! Family time is the best time and we just couldn’t miss out! That home cooked meal will just have to wait!

I’m just going to fill you guys in on my day 4 in New York (Saturday!). Saturday wasn’t as crazy busy which was nice but I still got to attend a few fun events! The morning started out super early as the Dan Liu show was at 9am sharp! Fashion shows usually run a smidgen late so really it ended up starting around 9:15 but I still made sure to be on time because usually there’s a cut off point for getting in (even if you have a seat!) so being late is a big no no! After the show, I got my makeup done at Hourglass by the talented Chanel Temple and I had no idea they were based out of Venice?!!? I was like whaaaat and immediately scheduled a meeting with them when I got back to LA! Hourglass has some AMAZING products (their primer is the best) so I was super excited that they’re headquartered here! After getting a makeover, I stopped by the SOKO GLAM x Bollare event which was so awesome! I got to explore k-beauty more and watch k-pop in real life! Such a fun event, for sure!


I had an hour break between that event and the Maybelline Master Class with Desi Perkins + Katy so I went back to the hotel and ordered room service at the New Yorker! I didn’t want to go another day where I started eating at 4pm so I squeezed in lunch at 11:45am! 🙂 It was delish!



If you’ve been keeping up with my IG stories, you can probably tell that my obsession with Maybelline has grown tremendously over the last few years. I mean, who doesn’t love Maybelline? I’ve been wearing Maybelline since I first started out playing with makeup (maybe it’s Maybellineeeeeeeee) it’s just amazing to see their overall collection grow and the quality is ahhmazing. It’s definitely a brand that is comparable to ones you see at Sephora too– it’s just more affordable! When I got the invite to sit VIP at the Maybelline Master Class, I died a little inside. Seeing Desi Perkins + Katy do their thing with makeup and talk all things beauty was sooo much fun and inspiring. They are seriously goals and YouTubers I really look up to. I’m such a beginner at YouTube and I know my videos aren’t totally professional and they both advised us newbies at YouTube just to keep posting and that being consistent with your posts are key. I filmed two makeup videos in one week so I’m hoping to get one up and running for ya this weekend if not next week!

After the class, I went back to my room for a quick change and rested before the Jonathan Simkhai show. Maybelline invited me to the show and I got to actually meet the team in person which like I said before, putting a face to name is EVERYTHING! Everyone I met from the Maybelline team was so down to earth and so kind, I just love them even more now! The show itself was FABULOUS. The setup was so intricate and detailed, the collection was spot on and I just couldn’t get enough!! Definitely one of my favorite runway shows yet. Major shoutout to Maybelline for letting me in on this one!!

Well y’all, that’s the end of it. I got home around 6:30pm and CRASHED. I left Sunday open to relax, get a few more looks in with my photographer, and work on the blog. Monday was simply full of meetings which you guys saw on IG stories– just meetings on meetings on meetings! I really hope you all enjoyed my detailed posts about NYFW. I did this because a lot of you have asked me to explain how it works and what influencers do there and I know there are so many of you starting out so these detailed posts should really help guide you as you grow too! Tomorrow’s blog post will be my final NYFW post and it’s going to be all about where we stayed + a few things I learned about NYFW this go round. I hope that will help you guys too because trust me, I learned SO MUCH more this time than I did last September!! I’ll also have another outfit look for y’all tomorrow too (what I wore to meetings on my last day). Thanks soooo much for following me along my NYFW journey, chat soon loves!





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  1. March 6, 2018 / 3:12 PM

    Thank you so much for coming to the Dan Liu show and writing a recap. Your support means so much to designers! We hope to see you at more of our shows next season! xoxo

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