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nyfw: where I stayed + what I learned

Where I stay when I’m traveling matters SO much to me and can really make or break a trip. I look for a lot of things when I travel (i.e. location, complimentary wifi, room service, etc) but the most important thing when it comes to NYFW is location. I know it can be tough to figure out, but I really do try and reach out to hotels that I know are somewhat in a central location to the shows, meetings or events that I want to attend. I was right by Penn Station this go round at The New Yorker and it was in such a perfect location! I was only ever 10-15 minutes out from shows and events (a few times I was within walking distance from brand meetings) and it was soooo nice. I was actually on time for almost everything and it was 100% because of where I stayed! 🙂 There’s tons of hotels in New York and I have a few that I recommend, The New Yorker definitely being one of them so let’s get right into the details of my stay!

Renovated Rooms

I had a choice between getting an older room with a view or one of the executive rooms that were newly renovated. This was definitely a tough choice but ultimately I went with the renovated room just because I figured, newer=cleaner and I’m all for that! However, as an influencer having natural light is KEY for amazing photos so I kind of wish I chose the room with the view. The room we were in didn’t have a view and was blocked by the building so my roommate and I didn’t get much natural light. It was tough filming and taking photos in there, but that was my decision! If I wasn’t on a business trip, the renovated room would have been perfect. However, next time I’m definitely going for the view!!

24-Hour Dining

What sold me on The New Yorker was the 24-hour diner just right downstairs. Tick Tock Diner had a wide variety of food and seriously, the fact that I could order food at ANY TIME was amazing. I barely slept while in New York so it was nice to just simply call and get food/drinks delivered whenever I needed a little pick me up. Plus, the food was delish too!


Speedy Wi-Fi was incredibly important to me since I was going to be working on editing photos and editing videos in the hotel room. I didn’t have any issues at all and nothing was slow so if you’re on a business trip and rely heavily on Wi-Fi, The New Yorker is excellent!


Oh my gosh did you guys know that the week I was there the Westminster Dog Show was happening?! The New Yorker is PET FRIENDLY (LOVE!!!) so I got my dog therapy in literally every single day. Every time I walked downstairs, I would see more dogs (the most unique and fuzzy pups!!) and getting to play with them made my stressful work day so much better.


I have yet to stay at a hotel where they had security check your room key before you even manage to get to the elevator. Personally, this is a good and bad thing. It’s nice to know the place was safe and secure with the extra precautions but it was SUCH a struggle digging through my purse with 3-4 bags in my hand trying to find the key to show security. Keep in mind all of this was just to get the elevator itself so yes, they’re definitely big on security. As mentioned, totally a great thing but it was a bit of a struggle!

Comfortable Beds

I didn’t wake up with my back in pain or sore at all!! That’s seriously so rare because I have the most sensitive back. The beds and pillows were super comfortable which made by 5 night stay away from home easy.

If you’re ever in the city, I hope this post helps you decide where you want to stay and works best for you! Overall, I enjoyed my stay and loved the many perks The New Yorker had to offer. Feel free to shoot me any questions at all and I’m happy to help!


Alright alright alright. Now it’s time for me to dive into what I learned this go round during NYFW. I seriously learned A LOT but since this post is already pretty lengthy, I’m going to keep it to the 3 most important things I think you should know if you’re considering attending NYFW.

  • ACT IMPORTANT. Seriously, if you act like you belong and you’re important af, you’ll get in the door. I remember being late to a show in September and was told I couldn’t go inside. I was bummed, shrugged my shoulders and moved on. Not this time though. I was 7 minutes late to a show and was told they were closing doors but I wasn’t having it! I had a seat, I told them who I was and the coverage I was providing and asserted myself like I never have before. I felt confident and guess what?! I got in!! All because I was confident and like I belonged.
  • BE AGGRESSIVE. I learned very quickly that being nice just isn’t going to fly during fashion week. I’m a southern girl and it’s so hard to shake that off me even temporarily but I got run over last fashion week quite a bit (even this time) simply because I was being too nice. You HAVE to be aggressive and on your A game while you’re here. For example (and this is just a small thing), I was standing in line at Kate Spade just to get a photo with the Kate Spade background and I was just about to go and take my photo when two other girls just sat down where I was going to sit. I politely said “hey so sorry but I think there’s a line and I’m up next”. They responded with “oh really? well, it’s ok you’ll be up next!”. Like, what……..?! I don’t know. It sounds small and it’s not a big deal but that’s just how it is during fashion week. Little ol’ me was just like oh ok but dang, next time I’m going to stand my ground no matter where I’m at and what the situation is. I have other examples that are more intense but didn’t want to rant too much on here but if you want to know just DM me and I’ll share. I just wanted to share this because even if you’re nice and just have a heart of gold, keep that and never lose it for sure BUT just pretend to be aggressive during fashion week and you’ll be good to go.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN SUCCESS. There’s a solid chance you’ll have great friends during fashion week and some may be nice enough to share contacts and bring you along as your plus 1 to events and shows. However, there’s nothing more rewarding than stepping out on your own, doing your own research, finding your own contacts and kicking butt at those meetings you create for yourself. There were events that I didn’t think I could get into but I figured, the worst that could happen is be told ‘no’ so I went out of my way for three days straight and sent out SO MANY EMAILS, y’all! You have to do this for yourself– it’s the only way you’ll grow as a person and as a business. If one door doesn’t open for you, knock on another. The opportunities in this industry is endless so don’t ever feel discouraged…just keep swimming.

Thank you so much AGAIN for following along my NYFW journey. I’ve had numerous people in my life tell me that they are proud of me for what I’ve done and what I’ve created for myself and I never really felt proud until I went to New York this February. I had time to reflect on where I started, where I am today and how far I’ve grown. I remember last September in fashion week being so timid and shy and I just didn’t feel like I belonged. Everything was different this go round and I can truly say, I’m proud of myself and feel so accomplished. And you know, I wouldn’t have come this far without you. Words seriously can’t express how much I love y’all and appreciate all your support. If you have ANY questions at all, PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask– I’m right here! Chat soon, loves!






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