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NYFW 2017: Day 3 & 4 Recap

As I’m on the plane heading to Lisbon, Portugal, I can’t help but reflect on my time during #NYFW. In case you missed my day 1 and 2 recap, you can read about it here.

It’s safe to say by day 3 I was extremely exhausted. I woke up late and ended up missing an opportunity to go backstage to a show I really wanted to attend. However, I wasn’t going to let that bum me out because today was the day that I got the opportunity to meet the blogger that inspired me to blog in the first place. Sazan Hendrix (Sazan Barzani was her name before she got married!). Before I jump into all that, I will say that if you are a blogger and end up having to miss a show or presentation based on traffic or any other reason, definitely send an email to whoever invited you and let them know. It’s the polite thing to do especially since you got an invite!

[full_width]I’ve been following Sazan for as long as I can remember. She maybe had a few thousand followers actually and I followed her because she was a Texas gal and we’re both from the Dallas area. I really liked her style early on and connected with her virtually pretty quick. Over the years, I really got to see her grow personally and professionally. I loved what she was doing—she was driven and never stopped going after what she wanted. She’s one of my inspirations and one of the reasons I dove into the blogging industry myself so when she announced she was doing a meet up with Teni Panosian from 12-2, I knew I had to be there!! My husband and I quickly got ready that morning and made it to her meet up around 12:05. There was a line but we only had to wait about 10 minutes or so which was great because I had to run to the Banana Republic presentation by 1! My husband and I got to speak to her and I literally told her everything—even the exact outfit that she wore YEARS ago that I still can’t seem to find as it was sold out. For those that are wondering, she’s just as awesome in real life as she is online. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to chat and can’t wait to support her as she enters the world of mommyhood! J It was a difficult balance of trying to not fangirl and be normal human because after all, although I’m smaller, we’re still in the same industry! She was kind enough to give me some #NYFW advice to which I needed! [/full_width]

[full_width]After the meetup, I took a Lyft to the Banana Republic presentation where I arrived about 5-10 minutes late. The models were struttin’ Olivia Palermo’s collection outside and within minutes of watching the presentation, I noticed animal activists protesting with signs that said “ANIMAL ABUSER”, “WEAR YOUR OWN SKIN”, and so on. Some of them tried to even get to the models—their intentions were unknown but it did get ugly enough to where the presentation was cut short and security moved the models inside the Banana Republic store for their safety. After a weird 15 minutes of not knowing what to do, a few other bloggers and I managed to get our way in the store where we got to shop and meet Olivia Palermo herself.

As an animal advocate myself, I was a bit jarred when I saw the animal activists yelling in such an aggressive manner. I’m all for animal rights and I’m not one to wear fur at all—ever and I do my best to always get things that are faux leather. It was just a weird feeling because part of me felt like I needed to be on the other side—defending the animals that needed a voice. However, I didn’t like the manner of which the protest was taking place and the thought of any sort of violence involved such a protest. It was definitely a weird feeling but I know that I’ll always do my part in making sure that I don’t participate in in the supply/demand of fur. I especially won’t ever own anything with real fur. There’s just way too cruelty behind it and I wouldn’t be able to fathom ever supporting the industry.

I ran back to the hotel room after the eventful Banana Republic presentation and quickly changed for some time spent in Brooklyn. I had a hair appointment at Amika which was located in Brooklyn and instead of taking Uber or Lyft (since costs were adding up quick) we decided to take the subway! It was actually pretty straightforward and we got there with ease. My husband came with me so that he can take some shots of downtown Brooklyn and then a little post hair appointment look!




After my hair appointment, we immediately went back to our hotel so I could change for the night! I had the rewardStyle event along with the Lulu’s event! I decided to go to rewardStyle first and ended up staying till the end because we had so much fun! It was so nice to actually meet the people that I connect with online via Instagram or my blog! Lulus wasn’t that far from where I had to be so my husband and I went there shortly after and spent the rest of the night there.

Redlight PR was generous enough to let me borrow this gorgeous set from Cadieux! I love the sophistication and overall stitching— so perfect for NYFW.



By Sunday, I was pretty exhausted. I didn’t want a jam-packed day because I was afraid I’d get sick with the lack of sleep for 4 nights and being out constantly. My husband and I spent some of the day exploring New York and being an actual couple in the city! We found a Cowboys bar where we watched the Cowboys win! J If that doesn’t call for a perfect end to a weekend than I don’t know what else does!

That’s a wrap for my 4 days in New York!! I’m actually in the process of writing a post that really breaks down what you should/shouldn’t do when preparing for NYFW and that’ll go live soon! I really want to help you guys because there’s a lot to learn about the industry and NYFW. Keep in mind that everyone’s first time will always be nerve-wracking and it’s a learning experience for us all! You got next year and all the years after that to master NYFW! J Stay tuned for more posts soon. It’s about 1PM in Lisbon right now—meaning 7am in Dallas so my post is live pretty early, hah! J If you want to follow along my Portugal/Spain journey, my Instagram is @nextwithnita! As always, chat soon my loves and have a great Tuesday!



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