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Spotted: Red in NYFW

Y’all, this dress is STUNNING!! I received tons of compliments when I was walking around New York in this pretty little red dress. It’s playful and sultry all at the same time! Off-the-shoulder is going strong this fall and so is the color red!! I saw red everywhere during #NYFW so this is definitely a dress you want to add to your closet. I’ll let you know if the dress comes on sale because it is a little pricey but I just couldn’t resist?! It’s one of those dresses you can where anywhere– brunches, date nights, weddings, etc. Since I wore this for #NYFW, I paired it with these metallic booties so the outfit really pops. However, this dress would go great with black or nude pumps– maybe even sneakers if you want to be casual! 🙂

All of these photos were actually taken by Jon Volk– one of Sazan’s photographers! I had the opportunity to do a quick shoot with him on Saturday while I was in NY and he is SO good. I had to give my husband a break but only for a quick 15 minutes, hehe! If you’re ever in LA, Jon is your guy! He’s super quick and as you can see, the overall shots and creativity is incredible. All him you guys! Anyway, I’m off to have dinner and then nap before the crazy partying begins at midnight! Anyone think I’m going to last????? Prob not, hah! I’ll chat with y’all soon! 💙


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