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my three 2023 resolutions

My three 2023 Resolutions:

  • Do less. I feel like I was so go-go-go early to mid 2022 and towards the end (when I got pregnant) I noticed that my body needed to relax a bit more. I’ve learned to listen to my body and sometimes that means doing less and saying no.
  • Practice self-care. I need to do better at taking care of me and my physical and mental health. That includes working out more and doing a little more “me-time” tasks. Being a mom,
  • Embrace healthier habits. I started drinking smoothies every morning which really has helped me start my day off strong. What you put inside your body matters so much on how you feel on the outside so I’m doing better about watching what I eat. I also take my  Ritual prenatal multivitamins every single day to make sure I’m filling in those nutrient gaps for baby girl growing inside. I do have a limited time code for 30% off your first month (NITA30) if you want to try it out! I love how traceable the ingredients are for all of their products. The prenatal also has a delayed-release capsule design so it digests easier too!

I think if I focus my energy on those 3 things above, that will overall help my relationship with myself, my family and friends as well. It’s important to pour into yourself before you can pour into others. I hope this post inspires you to be a better version of yourself this year! Cheers to 2023! xx

Thank you to Ritual for sponsoring this blog post!

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