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First Trimester Essentials:

I’m officially 15 weeks pregnant now and am so excited to be past the first trimester. I wanted to talk a bit more about that journey and all of the symptoms I experienced.

First Trimester Symptoms:

I actually didn’t have any symptoms until around 8.5 weeks pregnant. That’s when my nausea kicked in and it kicked in hard!! I still get morning sickness even though I’m in my second trimester now. My headaches started around 10 weeks pregnant. It’s definitely different from my first pregnancy with Kai because I remember having nausea around 6.5 weeks pregnant but before that I knew I was pregnant because the girls were super sore! I didn’t experience too much of that this time around.

Another thing I’ve had this pregnancy is FATIGUE. Fatigue has hit me hard this pregnancy. It’s been really hard to get things done and I have to take a nap in the middle of the day.

I’ve also had a lot of food aversion. Literally nothing sounds good to me!


As much as I wanted to be active my first trimester, I wasn’t able to. Between the headache, nausea and fatigue, it was truly impossible. I’m slowly getting back at it now but it was literally at a zero the entire first trimester.


  • Prenatal Multivitamins!! This is a must. I’m taking the Ritual Prenatal Multivitamin which is what I took when I was pregnant with Kai as well. This prenatal has a delayed-release capsule design so it’s easy on the stomach and I have no issues taking it on an empty stomach. It also has methylated folate, as apposed to folic acid, as up to 1/3 of the population can’t properly utilize folic acid. Talk to your doctor about that if you have any questions! Ritual gave me a code—it’s NITA20 for 20% off your first month. I love that it’s a subscription so I never have to worry about running out of my prenatal because I know how important it is to take it daily!
  • Robes
  • My Yeti cup so I can keep hydrated all day long!
  • Stretch Mark Oil and Cream. I use Bio Oil and the Summer Fridays Belly Cream.
  • Crackers
  • Extra magnesium pills to help with headaches
  • Headache hat
  • Comfy bra. I like this one from Neiwai.

Hope this was helpful!! Thank you Ritual for sponsoring this blog post! xo

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