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Prepping for Baby #2

It’s no secret that Ajeet and I are ready for baby #2. Of course, it’ll all happen when it’s supposed to happen but I wanted to share some things we are doing this time around to prep.

I get asked a lot about what vitamins I’m taking and the number one most important thing that my OBGYN told me to take is a prenatal. I told her I take the Ritual Essential Prenatal and she it’s a great one to choose! I took the same Prenatal when trying to get pregnant with Kai + all throughout that pregnancy and now I’m back on it!

One thing I really like about their Prenatal Multivitamin is it has a delayed-release capsule design so it’s super gentle on the stomach. I take it every morning without food!

It also has 12 key nutrients for before and during pregnancy to help fill those nutrient gaps in your diet.

Lastly, I love that it has methylated folate. Talk to your doctor about the significance of that in itself but it’s super important to me as my body can digest methylated folate better.

It’s recommended to start taking your Prenatal 3 months before trying to get pregnant and then of course throughout the pregnancy. I do have a code for Ritual, it’s NITA20 for 20% off your first month. I also love that it’s a subscription because it’s one of those vitamins that I simply can’t miss and the fact that it just shows up at my door when I need it is absolutely perfect.

As far as other things Ajeet and I are doing to help conceive baby #2:

  • We are doing our best to eat as much Whole Foods as possible (aka ordering out wayyyy less than usual).
  • We incorporated certain foods in our diet like more greens, eggs, pomegranate seeds and walnuts.
  • We also started to make sure we get in at least 4 workouts a week.

Anyway, I hope this post helps. If you are currently trying to get pregnant, know that my heart is with you and I’m praying for you daily. My sister struggled with infertility for years and if you have been trying for over a year, definitely talk to your doctor because they are the ones that will be able to run all the tests and be able to give you a full game plan on what to do next. My general tips are just for the mamas thinking about starting to get pregnant are and just looking for general guidance / tips and tricks that might help. I know I found it helpful when people shared that with me when I first started trying for Kai so I definitely wanted to share as well. Xo xo

Thank you Ritual for sponsoring this blog post.

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