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Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

Nita Mann shares her gift ideas for Father's Day in 2020

Hi guys! In honor of my first Father’s Day this year, I wrote out a gift guide of some things I would like (hint hint Nita, cough cough). We’ve got smelly things, tasty things, and electronic things so happy shopping and stuff!

Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good

Champion men’s hoodie: Dads love to lounge, but the hard part is finding what to lounge IN. Thankfully I’ve done the hard part and found it!

Zinnia polo: Help the dad in your life dress like one!

Ecco sneakers: In case the dad in your life is dressing a little too much like a dad, help him stay stylish with these!

Stan Smith sneakers: In case he doesn’t like dark sneakers here’s the exact opposite: all white ones!

Hershel Duffel Bag: A sturdy and modern duffel bag that dad can use to fill with all kinds of dad things: golf hats, gym clothes, expired coupons, old shoes he won’t throw away, receipts that are way too old, the list goes on!

Dior Sauvage Cologne: I use this cologne daily and Nita is super nice to me when I smell good!

Ferrari Scuderia Cologne: Does dad like things that go ‘vroom’? Help him smell like ‘vroom’ with Ferrari cologne!

Sanity Juice Tools

Yeti mug: Whether it’s to keep coffee warm so he can wake up before the sounds of screaming children fill your home, or to keep his mixed drinks cold to help tune out the sounds of screaming children filling your home, this mug is versatile for all situations!

Travel Cocktail kits: In case your children are screaming on a plane or a train, this will help him (and low key you as well) forget that it’s happening!

Sugarfina Tequila Candy Bento Box: Are you in a space where drinking alcohol might be frowned upon? Not to fret, now he (and you) can eat away the sounds of your screaming children with these tequila gummies!

Kopi Electric Mug Kit: Ok, enough about screaming children. This mug not only heats up, but the coaster can sit on top of the mug to keep it warm and it also doubles as a wireless charger!

Electronic Doodads (get it? doo ‘dads’?)

Philips Hue Starter Kit: I have Hue bulbs set up all over our home to create really cool ambient lighting and with up to 16 million different colors to choose from, the sky is the limit!

Philips Hue Table Lamp: This would be perfect for an office or a study to bathe the room in soft light of any color!

Massage Gun: Are dad’s muscles constantly sore? Keep your hands free to silence screaming children but delegating a much-needed massage to this automatic handheld muscle punching machine!

Docking Station Desk Organizer: Is dad’s desk/life a complete mess? This organizer will hold his watch, his coffee, credit card, wallet, or anything else that is scattered around!

Apple AirPods: These will only marginally block out the sounds of screaming children, but at least they’re stylish!

Audio Technica Bluetooth Headphones: I have tried a lot of headphones and these simply cannot be beat for quality unless you spend $400+, plus these will definitely block out the sounds of screaming children!

Braun Electric Razor: I have had the same Braun electric razor for years and it always gives me a clean shave. It takes no time at all so dad can shave quickly and rush back to the screaming children!

Desk Power Hub – Does dad’s desk have too many cables all over the place like a pit of snakes? Well don’t fret! This power hub will reduce that den of snakes into just 1 efficient cable that powers everything he owns.


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