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Father’s Day Gift Guide

This year being my first as an actual father, I’m making this gift guide for stuff that dads would actually like and that’re a bit out of the ordinary from other gift guides.


Philips Hue Starter Kit: These are reliable smart bulbs that change to over 16 million colors

Apple AirPods Pro: If he has regular Airpods it’s time for an upgrade!

Docking Station Desk Organizer: Is dad’s desk/life a complete mess? This organizer will hold his watch, his coffee, credit card, wallet, or anything else that is scattered around!

Desk Power Hub – Does dad’s desk have too many cables all over the place like a pit of snakes? Well don’t fret! This power hub will reduce that den of snakes into just 1 efficient cable that powers everything he owns.

Kopi Electric Mug Kit: This mug not only heats up, but the coaster can sit on top of the mug to keep it warm and it also doubles as a wireless charger!

Ralph Lauren Boxers: Now he can finally throw away those boxers with holes in them.

Ralph Lauren Boxer Briefs: Just in case he wears boxer briefs.

IRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum: Now instead of vacuuming the house himself, he can just push a button on his phone!

Oculus VR Headset: C’mon it’s a virtual reality headset!

Velco Posture Corrector: This has helped my crap posture an insane amount!

Shiatsu Back Massager: He’s a dad so he’s going to have back pain. This will help him not have back pain. Couple this with the Velcro Posture Corrector for extra bonus points.

2 lb bag of Starburst: One of my favorite gifts is to give a bulk amount of someone’s favorite candy. It’s always unexpected and an amazing gift!


Corny/Fart Jokes

Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, Airplane!, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Supertroopers,

Loud & Hilarious

Stepbrothers, The Other Guys, Talladega Nights, Anchorman, Semi-Pro, Zoolander, Old School, Deadpool 1-2

Explosions & Guns

John Wick 1-3, James Bond movies, The Equalizer, Training Day, Django Unchained, Air Force One, Boondock Saints, Goodfellas, Reservoir Dogs, Casino


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