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The Engagement Story + Outfit deets (duh) 💙


💞 💞 Today is the day I’m sharing with the world my perfect engagement story.

One week ago, my boyfriend (now fiancé 🙊 !!!and I went to Sedona, Arizona just for a little getaway. We flew into Phoenix, rented a car for the first time by ourselves, and drove 2 hours out to Sedona! We totally jammed out to Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik on the way there you guys and it was great! 😏 Anyway, we get to our amazing resort, L’auberge De Sedona (which btw, is absolutely STUNNING) and sat on the rocking chairs right by the creek- just listening to the birds chirp, the water flow, and took in all of the fresh greenery that surrounded us. It was so relaxing, so breathtaking. We then checked in and ate dinner by the creekside and fed some cutie little ducklings! This resort allows duck feeding every day and it’s such a remarkable experience! The resort also offered a stargazing experience which we were so excited about! We had an astronomer come talk to us about the stars, pointed out the brightest star, the Milky Way, and other amazing parts of the sky. The cool thing was the astronomer had hand built his own telescope which he spent 8-9 months to do! It was the coolest telescope I had ever seen. We were both just so mesmerized by the engineering behind the telescope and the beauty of the stars. It was honestly a perfect start to our vacation!



[full_width]Friday started out as a jam-packed day. We had a Pink Jeep Tour booked from 8am-1030am which took us off-road through the desert! We got to experience a rough and shaky ride through the rocks and enjoyed a beautiful 360 degree panoramic views of the Sedona Red Rocks. We saw so many popular formations, such as the Thunder Mountain and Doe Mesa! This experience was so AWESOME and I’d highly recommend it if any of you guys are planning to go to Sedona one day!! After the jeep tour, we went horseback riding (we got the package deal) for about an hour and a half along a trail that allowed us to see stunning panoramic views of Sedona while saddled up on the horse!! We had a horse wrangler that guided us and shared some really interesting facts with us along the trail ride. It was an experience I’ll never forget. I had the cutest horse too! Her name was Apple and she was full of sass, haha ☺️ I loved every bit of it.[/full_width]



Anyway, so after this we were both pretty exhausted being out in the heat so we went back to our room, freshened up and watched a little TV. Then he said that we were going to go to Red Rock Crossing (which is what we had planned to do sometime on Friday) and that we should start getting ready. Now, I hate to say it but I take a WHILE to get ready. Hair, makeup, picking out the right outfit, etc takes a lot of work!! So naturally, I was taking my time getting ready. I could hear him just outside the bathroom grunting and sighing away. I could tell he was impatient and just ready to go. So, fine. I sped things along and finally we rushed out the door where he drove us to a spot shortly before Red Rock Crossing. We drove all the way up to the hilltop where he parked the car. He said he wanted to take pictures and I was totally down because the views here were spectacular! I was excited!! We got out of the car and walked up a bit only to capture even more amazing views of Sedona. It felt like we were on top of the world, or well I guess on top of Sedona! It was a secluded area with the most spectacular views, I was loving every minute of it. But foreal though, between you and me, I knew something was up. When we walked up to the top, hand in hand, I noticed that his hands were super sweaty (LOL, TMI SORRY) BUT the ONLY other time this happened was on our first date, two years ago. So, I kind of knew he was nervous. I also noticed two photographers that were there but I had assumed they were there taking pictures of the view. 👀



Ajeet (the soon to be fiancé) wasn’t saying anything for a couple of minutes. I was getting concerned, wondering what was happening. He took out his camera to take a couple of shots of the Red Rocks and I just stood there being mesmerized by everything around me. Finally, after a few minutes, he pulled out a ring box and turned to me. From there, I officially knew what was happening. I PANICKED 😳😳😳 I started to connect all the dots like oh my gosh, that’s why he was rushing me, those photographers are for us, this is a secluded spot with the most amazing views of the Sedona Rocks, we’re on top of the world, his hands are sweating because this is it. THIS IS IT. There was so much running through my mind. I honestly can’t even tell you every word he said to me during that moment because my mind was racing with a hundred thoughts. I do remember the important bits though, don’t worry. I don’t want to go into detail about his wonderful speech (gotta keep some stuff intimate!) but I will tell you that it was perfect. After a few minutes, he went down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. Of course, I immediately said yes. It was the best moment of my entire life. Everything to the detail of this proposal was perfect. It was just us, in a secluded area, with no one else around us (minus the amazing photographers) staring at one of the best scenic views anyone could ever witness. After a couple of minutes, they began to take some professional post-proposal pictures of us, the ring, and the beautiful scenery around us. Those pictures will be ready in 4-6 weeks by the way and I can’t wait to share them!!!!!! Anyway, after the photographers left, we hugged each other for such a long time just to stay in the moment for as long as possible. It was so surreal. It was so perfect.

Side note/Random note: I later found out that we were specifically by the “Wedding Tree” at Red Rock State Park. This is apparently a popular spot to have a wedding because of the stunning views and secluded area. How cool!!! Don’t worry, we got some amazing shots of us and the Wedding Tree!! 🌳✨

DSC_2050 (1)-2




DSC_2067 (1)-2

SOOOO that was the proposal. Now, after the proposal, let me tell you. WE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK TO DO. We were both JUST SO confused on what to do with ourselves. It was weird. I felt numb. I didn’t know what to do. What do engaged people do immediately after? We both were clueless. So, naturally, we ended up going to Safeway and bought chips and queso and went back to the hotel where we ate the chips and queso while watching tv…for…the…rest…of…the…night. LOL. NO EXAGGERATION. We literally had such fancy pants plans that night (we were going to go to a nice Mexican restaurant and get dolled up and go out) but nope, NONE OF THAT HAPPENED. IT WAS ALL JUST SO WEIRD! We just kept eating our chips and queso and eventually called our family to tell them the good news. And then of course, went back to eating our chips and queso. It was probably the best decision we ever made though. It was totally us. #bumsforlife #fatassesforlife 😂💍💙

Anyway, so that was the proposal and post proposal activities 😘 I thought that was the end of surprises but he totally surprised me with a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon on Saturday AND HOLY MOLY WAS THAT SO FREAKING AWESOME. It was my first time in a helicopter EVER and going over the Grand Canyon was as breathtaking as it could ever get. He’s just the best. We spent Saturday evening exploring the Grand Canyon afterwards and watched the sunset there, as well. Gosh, as if this trip couldn’t have gotten any better he kept it going with surprise after surprise. BEST VACA EVER.




Seriously you guys, Friday, April 1st was one of the happiest days of my life. Everything about the entire weekend was so incredibly perfect. We’ll definitely be back, Sedona.💙 I’m really glad I was able to give y’all a glimpse of my magical weekend. Hope you enjoyed this blog post and stick around for the adventures that are planned ahead 💋

Until next time, xo.


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