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off to the big apple

Happy Wednesday, loves!! I’m off to the big apple and can’t wait to get NYFW started!! There are so many emotions going through me right now—scared, nervous, excited, lonely, accomplished, proud… and like, a million others. It feels so weird not being with my partner in crime on this business trip but I’m hoping to keep busy for the next 5 days (pretty easy to do given my jam-packed schedule!!) and try not to think about it! I’m kicking off NYFW with a meeting at 4:30, hopefully my flight lands on time and there’s no other delays. I put on the bare minimum amount of makeup because I knew I’d be so emotional today especially leaving my sweet Snuffy again. He was whining when I brought my suitcases down and it broke me to pieces. He knew I was leaving—he just knew! Like the dog mom I am, I squeezed him as hard as I could and made sure he knew I was coming back in March. Anyone else do this with their dog? Reassure them that you’re coming back when you leave the house? Lol!

A few of you asked who will be taking my photos since the hubs isn’t coming along and the answer to that is me! I brought my entire camera equipment along with a tripod and I hope to shoot 2-3 looks myself. However, there’s a few campaigns coming up and important outfits I needed to shoot so I did end up hiring a photographer from Dallas and she’ll be taking photos of 2-3 looks as well on Thursday! Last September, I brought WAY too many outfits (almost 3 a day!) thinking I would change but I ended up staying in the same look from day to night. I kept that in mind this trip and don’t plan on shooting anymore than 5 looks over the next 5 days. NYFW is insanely crazy and I have to remember that I need to create content but it’s quality > quantity so I’m not trying to push out 10 looks and have them turn out a complete mess! 😉 Plus, this trip is mainly for me to talk to brands and PR agencies, get to know them better and chat about future collaborations. I’m attending a few exciting shows this go round too so I’ll keep ya in the loop! J

Thanks for listening to me ramble and as always, you can shop my looks via the images under shop the post down below! Chat soon, loves!



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