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nyfw day 1 recap: keepin’ it simple

I landed in NYC on Thursday around 3pm and it was pouring raining, and I mean POURING! I had my one checked bag, a carryon and my camera backpack and let me just tell you, those bags were NOT light!! I mostly struggled getting those suitcases on a bus to get to Uber and I remember sitting on that bus already feeling defeated and just sad that I’m here all alone. It sounds silly but I was soaking wet, lugging around bags that essentially weighed more than me and the weather wasn’t really helping my mood at all. It was just, I felt alone and all I could think about was being back at home. I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that I’m in New York and NYFW is about to begin. I started questioning whether I made the right decision but that thought ended quick. I decided to pray while watching the rain fall and I just knew God brought me here for a reason and to make the most of it.

My roomie (Stephanie) and I checked into The New Yorker which is such a stunning hotel!! I love how spacious our room is (and yes, with two bloggers we need alllll the space, lol) and they even have a 24 hour diner!!! This hotel seriously knows the way to my heart! I’m going to share more about my hotel in a few days once I capture more photos because it’s a good place to stay in NY and in such a prime location too! Anyway, as for my roomie- well, she’s a gem! Having a support system even when you’re traveling for work is so so important and she really did help lift my spirits! We both kick started #NYFW that night with a fun Burt’s Bees dinner event that was uh-MAZING!! I know we all have Burt’s Bees chapstick laying around somewhere or in our bag– it’s like the go-to chapstick! Did you know they also have a cosmetic line now?! They’re such a great, natural brand and I really can’t wait to try their new stuff!

Dinner ended around 9:30-10pm so I decided to just go back to our hotel to unpack for the week and settle in. I needed a good night’s rest before day 2, ya feel me?! If you saw my IG stories yesterday, then yes you know how busy NYFW can get and a good night’s rest is much needed. I say this as I’m writing this blog post at 1:30am (lol). I will share my day 2 recap with you all soon!! Tomorrow and Saturday are both insaaaanneee but so so much fun– I hope y’all are loving my stories and let me know if you have any questions about NYFW! 🙂

Chat soon!!


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