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Get the Look: Just Peachy Summer Glow

It’s been a while since I’ve actually written out a blog post about all things beauty and since I got so many goodies in the mail recently, I figured it’s time to get the ball rolling on my beauty posts. As you all know, I just finished law school and now that I have a little more time on my plate, I’m really going to up my YouTube game (I feel like I’ve been saying that forever lol) and start doing more videos this summer! So stay tuned for that!! 🙂

In the mean time, I really want to take a moment and talk about Paul Mitchell. I’ve been a Paul Mitchell Insider for a few months now (!!!) and I have been loving the journey ever since I joined the family. I’m very much an animal advocate and I always strive to use and share products that don’t test on animals and are overall animal friendly. What I love the most about Paul Mitchell (I mean, besides their amazing products) is that they do NOT test on animals– y’all know how important that is to me! According to PETA, Paul Mitchell became the first hair-care company to publicly oppose animal testing too! *PETA*
Paul Mitchell also doesn’t attempt to market their products in China unless there are other alternatives to animal testing methods available and they are in the works on that right now!! I’m seriously honored to be part of such a great, cruelty-free hair care company and I’m stoked to start sharing a bunch of their products! I know I know, you came to my post to get deets on my makeup look– I just went on a tangent and don’t worry I’ll get right into the look! I just wanted to let you know that I will have a blog post up this summer talking about my favorite Paul Mitchell hair products and maybe even a few videos!!

Paul Mitchell sent me some goodies after they became a Platinum Partner with Ulta Beauty and I’m here to share with you some of my favorites! I am head over heels obsessed with the Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette! First of all, it smells just like peaches. Every single time I open up the palette I just smell peaches and I’m in love! There are 18 beautiful shades of pinks, corals, bronzes and some purple to give you that perfect pop for the summer! I love how the shades are highly pigmented and blend very easily. I actually prefer to use my ring finger when applying my eyeshadow with this palette because I feel like it goes on much smoother (and thicker) than with a brush. My absolute favorite shade that I’ve been wearing almost every day is “Luscious” which is this peach champagne shade and oh my goodness it’s perfect for any occasion whether you’re going for a more natural look or want a little champagne shine on a night out in the city– this shade is addicting!

Another one of my favorites is the Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Glow. I have yet to find a highlighting palette that works better for skin than this one!!!! I SWEAR. I’ve tried tons of different highlighters and somehow I don’t feel like it’s doing the job. This palette comes with the illuminator, blush and bronzer to really give you that beautiful sunset glow that we all LOVE! The glow is not crazy blinding but it’s still highly pigmented and goes on ever so smoothly. A little goes a long way! Can you see the glow on my cheeks?! I’m obsessed!

I have the Too Faced Sweat Peach Creamy Lip Oil on my lips just to complete the whole just peachy makeup vibe! I love how it sits on my lips (add a couple of layers to get the color to really shine) and it’s definitely long-lasting! Last but not least, I have on the Ardell’s Natural lashes that are great for an everyday look. It’s lightweight and not too crazy out there! They are reusable (I’ve worn them about 7 times already) and are super easy to apply with glue! <3

Alright my loves, I hope you liked this “Just Peachy” makeup look!! You’ll be seeing more of these products (especially the eyeshadow palette and the glow) because they truly are fabulous products that I know you’ll love. Everything I talked about is available at your local Ulta but I’ve linked it all down below to make things easier if you’re more of an online shopper! Do your research, check out the reviews and see if these products are for you! I highly recommend them! If you have any questions at all– please feel free to reach out and you can count on me to give my honest opinion! Chat soon!


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