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March Feels


Hello loves! I’m back at it with another blog post for y’all! It’s spring break for me this week but I’m at home resting and recovering as I just got LASIK eye surgery last Friday! I go in for my follow up this Friday so I don’t know my exact vision, but other than the blurriness right now (because it’s healing) I can totally see much better, if not perfectly!!

If you’re on the fence about getting LASIK eye surgery, I honestly would totally recommend it. The whole procedure took about 8 minutes and you don’t really feel much. They put numbing drops in your eyes before hand so you do feel pressure for about 1-2 seconds but that’s about it. They gave me valium right before and I was pretty much knocked out the rest of the day! Anyway, I just thought I would share that experience with you guys- if you have any questions leave a comment or e-mail me and I’d be happy to answer anything for y’all!

Ok, now time for the good ol’ fashion post. I’m totally feeling the pastels this spring you guys. I got my pastel sandals from TopShop and my pastel bag from Sole Society! Both are unbelievably affordable and adorable! My dress is also from TopShop (I’m obsessed, clearly) and it’s SO COMFY. And y’all already know I’m all about comfort! This would make a perfect day or night outfit! Deets can be found below, as usual.


DSC_1683 (1)-3 DSC_1613 (1)-2

Until next time, xo.

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