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kimonos I’m loving under $100

Kimonos are so stinkin’ cute and make any outfit look effortless and chic. You’ll start to see more and more kimonos during warmer months and it’s a great add-on for festival gear too! Fun fact: Kimonos actually originated from Japan as a traditional Japanese outfit that was once worn as a formal garment piece but are now worn as robes too!


As we are gearing up into festival season, a lot of people wear kimonos over shorts, tanks, swimsuits, etc to add a more boho-chic vibe. I talked to a few people about kimonos to get their opinion on them and a lot of you said you just weren’t sure how to wear them or that you were too short for them! I’m only 5’4″ and this kimono hits right above my feet and I personally love the flow of it! There are shorter kimonos out there that are more cardigan length which is absolutely perfect for us petite women! So yes, girls that are 5’4″ and shorter can definitely pull off kimonos– you just have to make sure YOU’RE ok with the length (as in, it’s not dragging by your feet) and you’re good to go. Styling them is super easy since they essentially act as a simple layering piece (literally does nothing to protect you from the wind or anything). Just throw them over jeans and tank like I did or have fun with it and create a more boho-chic festival inspired look with distressed shorts and a top! Kimonos are a great addition to swimsuits too if you’re going to the beach! All it really does is add a bit of texture and definition to your outfit turning a what could have been boring and basic outfit to a more fun and textured one!


With all that being said, let’s start shopping! I’ve linked my outfit details down below under ‘shop the post’ but also linked a few other kimono’s all under $100. Happy shopping and we’ll chat soon!





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