just in: the new kendra scott charms collection

There’s a lot of fashion trends circling back to us (i.e. scrunchies?!) and one that I’m most excited about is CHARMS!!! Who remembers wearing charm bracelets back in high school? I sure do, charms were my jam! I’m sooo excited to partner with Kendra Scott on their new Charms Collection because girls let me tell you, this collection is dreamy and so powerful at the same time.

Featured charms:

I have the “N” charm in Gold, the state of Texas in gold, tassel charm, small lion charm, and the asymmetrical heptagon frame with pavé (this one isn’t in stock online yet!). It’s so easy to clasp and unclasp the charms so if you want to transfer one charm from a bracelet to a necklace in seconds you totally can! I got the tassel charm & asymmetrical charms for fun to add in the mix but the other three had meaning behind it. The ‘N’ was picked for obvious reasons. 😉 The Texas charm is probably want means the most to me, even being miles away. Even though I live in Los Angeles, Texas will always be home and it’s the reason why I travel there every single month. My whole entire family and my sweet little dog is there and it’s seriously impossible for me to go more than a month without seeing them. Lastly, the lion charm means a lot to me because it lions symbolize courage and strength, both of which I’ve learned to have stepping outside of my comfort zone. It’s been so unbelievably hard being away from family, y’all. Looking at my lion charm really helps me stay strong and keep going because I know Ajeet and I have an entire empire to build.

Charms meant so much to me in high school and it’s crazy how much they still do. Want one of your own? This is how you get started:

  1. Pick a base!
  2. Add your charms! Here’s my “N“, small lion, state of Texas, and tassel!

That’s it! 🙂 There are tons of cute and meaningful charms in Kendra Scott’s collection so be sure to check them out HERE! My earrings are also Kendra Scott and are linked HERE.

Leave a comment on this blog post and let me know what you end up getting!!


Chat soon, loves! Xo

This post is sponsored by Kendra Scott. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make Next With Nita possible.

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