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A Mens’ Gift Guide That’s Actually For Men

Hi guys! I’m back on the blog today to deliver a gift guide for men featuring some of the ordinary but also some of the extraordinary gifts that normally most people wouldn’t think of. It’s nice to give something that’s different!

For The Tech Hoarder

AirPods Pro – I know that the regular AirPods are all the rage but these new ones promise a lot of feature that look really cool. With active noise cancelling and stronger bass, these are definitely a step up from the regular ones. They even have adjustable buds for different ear sizes!

SoundBot Bluetoooth Musical Beanie – Just in case it’s extremely cold out there and you can’t wear AirPods or other headphones. I found this beanie that actually has bluetooth speakers inside of it! The beanie has a battery inside of it so there’s no need for wires and it even has a microphone inside of it so he can take calls too.

Apple Watch Series 5 – Now with an ECG app, the new Watch can detect irregular heartbeats and dangerous sound levels so safety is definitely an upgrade here. Plus there is even fall detection so if you take a hard tumble no matter where you are, reaching emergency services is just a tap away.

Sennheiser HD 599 Headphones – I personally consider this to be the crown jewel of my gift guide. Sennheiser is a brand synonymous with absolute quality, I personally have a pair of these at a higher price point with no complaints. The biggest advantage these have over other conventional headphones is the fact that they are OPEN BACKED! This means that not only is the sound quality must more crisp, it means your man can actually hear you calling for him and isn’t in his own world with these on. He can still enjoy music and movies but also still be attentive!

For The Functioning Alcoholic

I told myself I wouldn’t get anything drink related because let’s face it, every men’s gift guide on the planet has something related to drinking. But this time, I ran across some things that I just had to share!

Urban Map Glass – I know I know…another whiskey glass right? But, this is no ordinary glass! This one has street grids and neighborhood labels from most major cities beautifully glazed on the glass. Having lived in New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas (all of which are available), I thought this would be a really awesome way to show local pride!

Magnetic Refrigerator Beer Bottle Loft – One of the problems I have with buying beer is where to store it all. Well consider this problem solved! These magnetic strips can be lined on the top of your fridge so they hold the bottles from the ceiling and leave room below for actual food! This is way too cool and a really innovative solution for lack of fridge space.

Temperature Control Smart Mug – When it’s finally time for your lovable functioning alcoholic to wake up, this is just the coffee mug to get him going. This smart mug will keep coffee hot for as long as you need and it even comes with an app so you can control it wirelessly from a distance! What year are we living in that our coffee mugs come with apps now?! How impossibly cool 😎

For The Fire Eater

I’m one of those people where good hot sauce can make or break a meal. I found these 2 gifts that either package pre-made hot sauce hilariously well, or even a DIY kit to make it your own!

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit – One of my rising passions is hot sauce and this DIY kit looks absolutely amazing! You can produce a wide variety of sauces and make something really unique or really weird that can truly be an original!

Dynamite Packaged Hot Sauce – If making your own hot sauce is a little too intense, then here is something arguably even cooler. This pack of 7 hot sauces comes packed together like a stick of dynamite with a wick and everything! I haven’t seen anything like this so this would definitely put a smile on my face and my tummy.

Some Cool Extras I Found

Here are some other gifts I couldn’t categorize into funny names:

Dior Sauvage Cologne – Are you tired of your man smelling like chips and/or axl grease? Well this cologne I have is a perfect solution! I personally use this as my go-to daily cologne so I can personally attest to how great it is.

Insulated Thermal Socks – When you’re out in the cold, it’s easy to forget that your feet like being toasty along with the rest of your body. These thermal socks are great for the price and will keep feet nice and cozy! They’re great for men and women too so your feet-based misery can finally come to an end.

Tile GPS Bluetooth Tracker – Is the man in your life constantly losing and looking for things? This app-based tracker is just the thing for finding phones, keys, wallets, or even his head if it’s not attached. It even works with Alexa so if he’s lost his phone and can’t use the app, a not-so friendly shout to your favorite smart device can help him find that too!

Beard King Shaving Bib – If the man in your life is a mountain of hair and you’re tired of having your sink look like a hair tornado went through it, I have just the thing. This beard bib is the answer to your prayers and Nita’s too! This bib can catch all the hair that fells while shaving in one convenient pile so there’s no clean up afterwards. Originally seen on Shark Tank, I can’t think of a better way to keep his hair in the trash and OFF of your sink!

Geometric Terrarium – I thought this was something really cool and unique that most people wouldn’t think of. This terrarium would be a great addition to any office or desk that needs a little modern plant to go with it. It doesn’t come with soil or plants so you can both customize it how you wish!

Men’s Bathrobe, $50 price point and $25 price point – Everyone knows that living the robe life means living the best life. There’s no better feeling than being draped in comfort in the most socially acceptable way – a fuzzy bathrobe!


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