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Working out in Style with DanaBands


Anyone that has known me for a while knows that I used to be a little skinny mini pretty much my whole life up until 3 years ago. I started my fitness journey determined to gain healthy weight, meaning just muscle! Before law school, I worked out 4x a week with a whole strict workout regime and of course, planning out meals and getting my protein in. I gained 10lbs of healthy weight and have maintained that since. I only work out 2x a week now, but I still work hard to make sure I maintain my weight and continue to grow and reach personal goals.

Working out consistently takes dedication, motivation and self confidence. Sometimes I struggle with confidence because well, let’s face it, it ain’t easy to look cute while working out 💀. I’m not one to wear make up while doing so (and no one really should – unless you want pimples, zits, and other planets on your face). So for me, outfit is key. I love a cute workout tee but that’s as far as I used to go in terms of looking fly at the gym. However, just recently I’ve been exposed to fitness HEADBANDS. I don’t know why I just realized how awesome these are. It’s GENIUS. I have bangs that love to fly around in my face while running and sometimes a hair tie just wont do. The headband I’m currently wearing is from DanaBands. Dana’s collection of headbands are super trendy, colorful, and detailed. You can spot them from anywhere! And you know me, I need a little spark in every outfit so this was PERFECT. The shirt I’m wearing is also from DanaBands! Super comfy and motivational. Not to mention, it’s great quality and at the end of day, that really what matters. So put your hair back girls and OWN your workout!! 💪


Be sure to check out DanaBands collection via her website (here) and Instagram (here). DanaBands carries fitness headbands (WHICH I LOVE), hair wraps, fitness gear, hats, and more! I’ll be sharing another cute headband with y’all in the near future. BUT FOR NOW, show Dana some love and check it out 😘

Until next time, xo 💜

the Deets:

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