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what I actually used in my hospital bag

I’ll admit it, I overpacked! If you missed it, this post shares what I packed for my hospital bag. Now that I lived through it, I figured I should share what I ended up using!

A couple of things to note– Since I went in for an induction, I did my makeup before leaving. Even though I didn’t deliver until almost 24 hours later, I didn’t bother with touching up my makeup or even applying anything after Kaiyen was born. It just didn’t seem important to be honest! I’m going to copy/paste what I listed out and write notes on each item so you know what I used and what I didn’t bother with!

For Mom:

  • Delivery Gown + Nursing-friendly PJs/GownYES. I changed into my own delivery gown on the last day at the hospital, it ended up just being my going home outfit lol. I actually forgot I had packed this and just wore what the hospital provided.
  • Going Home Outfit – NO. didn’t use, just wore the delivery gown.
  • Long Comfy Robe – NO. didn’t use.
  • Breast Pump (Elvie code NEXTWITHNITA15) – NO. didn’t use, no milk yet!
  • Nipple balm / shield NO. didn’t use, no milk yet!
  • Towel + Blanket – YES. I did shower once at the hospital and I’m glad I brought my own towel. I was also frequently cold and it was comforting to have my own thick blanket.
  • Pillow + Pillowcases – YES.
  • Grip SocksYES. The hospital sucks were crap.
  • Granny Panties + Diapers – YES!
  • Nursing Bras / Tanks – I wore the bras, didn’t bother with the tanks.
  • Fridababy Postpartum KitYES! I was at the hospital from Thurs-Sat given the tough delivery I had, this definitely came in handy. I used a mix of what the hospital provided + my stuff.
  • Shower Slippers + Slides – YES! 100% came in handy!
  • Sweatpants – NO! I lived the no pants life.
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash) – YES!
  • Skincare (face wipes, cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, chapstick, hand lotion) – chapstick and hand lotion yes, no to everything else.
  • Hair Things (hairbrush, scrunchies, dry shampoo) – scrunchie yes, no to everything else.
  • Water Bottle – YES.
  • Stroller FanNO.
  • License + Insurance Card – YES.
  • Make up + mirror (but this mirror + this one looks better tbh!) – NO.
  • Mask + Hand Sanitizer – YES!

For Dad:

  • Camera Equipment to document it all + tripod – YES.
  • AirpodsYES.
  • Portable Charger, Extension Cord, Long Phone Charger Cord – YES.
  • Towel – YES.
  • Snacks – YES.
  • Mask + Hand Sanitizer – YES.
  • Pillow + + Pillowcase + Blanket + Small Bed Sheet – YES. this really came in handy for Ajeet! He slept on the couch but used an old bed sheet of ours to make it a little more sanitary/ comfortable. The hospital pillows sucked so he was glad we brought our own!
  • Spare clothes (sweatpants, shirts, boxers, socks) – NO. He actually was able to go home, shower and come back.
  • Laptop + Charger – YES.
  • Water Bottles – YES.
  • Shower SlippersYES.
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant) – YES.
  • Pen – YES.

For Baby:

What I wish I packed:

  • Prenatals – my hospital did not provide them.
  • Pacifier for baby
  • Lactation treats – to help my milk supply get going quicker!

Hope this was helpful! Chat soon, xo!


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