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we’re homeowners | our moving tips

It’s officially been two weeks in our new home as of today. It still feels crazy to even type that out!! Ajeet and I are officially homeowners and although this all happened much sooner than I ever thought it would, we are SO so grateful for the timing of everything!

Our Decision to Buy a Home:

We moved into our high rise apartment in New York May 2019 and I truly expected to be there for at least two years. We loved every part of New York… the restaurants, the diversity, the energy, and so much more. However, when Ajeet and I both turned 30, we both sort of knew we wanted something more. We were totally in sync about when to have kids and wanted to grow our family in 2020. After spending my first trimester in quarantine, we both mutually decided it just made the most sense to move back to Dallas and be close to family during this difficult time. New York really wasn’t the same and we knew we wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much as we’d like with everything that’s going on.

We started house searching in June (both virtually and visited once) and actually found a place we loved pretty quickly! Everything honestly happened so fast and we were out of New York by the end of July when our lease ended! Thank goodness for Roadway Moving for being there on such short notice because we needed a reputable moving company to help us get from New York City to Dallas! The neat thing is Roadway Moving lets you do virtual in-home estimates in light of the pandemic. This was super important to me to take my precautions especially while pregnant.

A little more about Roadway Moving:

We actually moved from LA to NY with Roadway Moving in the past and truly had an enjoyable experience. A lot of my friends use them to move as well so I figured we’d be in good hands. Roadway Moving came right at 9am on July 28 to help us move and it was smooth sailing from there. I was a bit worried about having movers in our small apartment especially during this time but all the movers wore masks and made me feel super safe.

We decided to have Roadway Moving pack our breakable items (kitchen items, TVs, our lighting equipment, mirrors, etc) and then also our furniture. Ajeet and I took care of our clothes, shoes and makeup. It was actually a pretty good system because this allowed me to declutter before they got there.


I shared some of my moving tips in the past– linking the blog post here for reference. However, my biggest tip would be to declutter before you pack. There’s no better opportunity to sell or donate the items you haven’t touched than right before you move!

Another tip that I didn’t mention previously would be to label your boxes on each side before the move. Roadway Moving had their own labeling system and numbered each box but I actually ended up labeling all the boxes we packed on each side with what’s in them (i.e. Nita’s shoes) and then also putting where it would go in the new house (Master Closet). This helped tremendously so we knew where to put the boxes once it arrived into the new home!

My last tip would be to make sure you get some sort of insurance if you have items that are expensive in the truck. It gave me such a peace of mind knowing that if anything were to happen, we are covered. There’s different levels of deductibles and coverages you can get so do your research on what suits you but it’s something I recommend looking into for sure!

What’s Next:

We have so much to learn as new homeowners and I can’t wait to take you all along on this ride! Even though it’s been two weeks, we still have the entire upstairs to unpack (haha) so I’ve quickly learned that it takes a bit longer to get settled into a house vs. an apartment. We are taking it a day at at time and hope to have the key rooms completed in our home before baby arrives in November!! 🙂

I hope you found this blog post helpful and if you do plan on moving soon, you can use code Nita10 to get 10% off local moves and 5% off long distance moves with Roadway Moving.

Happy Sunday, y’all. Chat soon!!


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