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Top 10 Beauty Faves – VLOG

Happy Friday & welcome back to my blog! 😘 Today I wanted to share with y’all my top 10 FAVE beauty products. 💁 This video is primarily for the ladies out there that are in need of some excellent recommendations for your hair or skin. So what’re you waiting for?! Check it out below on YouTube 😊 All the links to the products are listed in the description box of my YouTube Channel & further down on my blog post. Be sure to subscribe to my blog & YouTube Channel for more awesome stuff in the future😉

P.S. I was thinking about rounding up some great products for men and sharing it with you guys, what’d y’all think? Comment below & let me know (rhyme game on point 😜). Hope everyone has AN AMAZING weekend!! Be safe and be kind to others. 💜


the Deets:

Cleanser: Sephora
Face Mask: Lush
Hair Mask: Ulta
Argon Oil: (purchased from hair stylist but found on Amazon)  Amazon
Nars Lipstick: Nordstrom
Chanel Lipshine: Nordstrom
Vaseline Lip Therapy: Walgreens
Concealer: Nordstrom
Secret Brightening Powder: Sephora
YSL Highlighter: Sephora
MAC Highlighter: Nordstrom

Until next time, xo.

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