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Cozy Holiday Season & Cozy Socks

Hey guys!! I hope everyone is enjoying what’s left of the holiday season- can’t believe it’s almost over! 😩 I wanted to take the opportunity to FINALLY share these awesome socks I received from Chrissy’s Knee High Socks not too long ago. I got 3 pairs of socks (shown below) and each one of these are AMAZING. Not only is the quality great, Chrissy’s socks offers SO MUCH variety and so many unique styles on their website (http://www.kneehighsocks.org/). Be sure to check them out for awesome unique styles that fit your personality! I’m pretty sure you’ll find a pair that you absolutely love 😉


These red argyle socks are perfect for the holiday season! I wore these all through out December, feeling festive with every step I took! I opened presents with my family (shots taken below) wearing these cozy, festive socks and it made for a picture perfect moment. Wear these bare at home or out with your boots – super versatile and super cute! Winter just got started, not too late to grab a pair yourself 😊



Chrissy’s socks also offers THIGH high socks which is pretty awesome. Not only are they cozy, they can often be pretty sexy. 😉 Check out their collection as you may just find a little something for yourself! 💋‍


Ok. I saved the best for last because I seriously LOVE THIS PAIR. Y’all already know how big of an animal lover/advocate crazy person I am, so these socks mean the world to me!! I’m going to cherish these black paw socks FOREVER. They’re so freaking cute. This is what I meant when I said Chrissy’s Knee High Socks offers so many different styles because you can find something that totally fits your personality. Why not own a pair of socks that describes you?

Check out the below links for an easy access to your next pair of fabulous socks.


Until next time, x0.


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