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The Story Behind My Wedding

I’ve talked about being married before and in case you didn’t read my previous blog posts, Ajeet and I actually got legally married on October 14, 2016. That is the day we exchanged our vows, the day the court recognized us as a married couple, and the day we will consider our anniversary from here on out! I remember flying back from Sedona to Dallas right after we got engaged– I was overjoyed and already started writing down everything that I needed to make our dream wedding to become reality. Ajeet naturally was sleeping on the plane but I spent a couple of hours with a piece of paper, a pen and feverishly wrote down everything I would need to do to ensure our wedding was perfect. Ever since I was a kid, I always imagined having a destination wedding, somewhere outdoors with white flowers, white chairs and a white dress. I’ve never been one to participate in Indian traditions– I knew for sure I didn’t want the week long Indian wedding that most Indians have. Truth be told, I really wanted a small wedding in La Jolla, San Diego right off the cliff overseeing the water and simply take in the beauty that would surround us during that day. There is something so incredibly magical about La Jolla and I just knew that was where I wanted to have my wedding!

When we returned to Dallas after April 1, 2016, we visited both our parents to share our exciting news and celebrate together. I quickly learned that my dream wedding that I always wanted wasn’t going to happen. My mother-in-law wanted to go in a different direction which was cool because I knew how incredibly elegant and classy she is! She had a beautiful vision of how she wanted the wedding to be (and I mean beautiful) and although everything turned out to be magical, it just wasn’t me… it wasn’t us. This past year of planning has been crazy difficult. No one really understood what I was going through when I essentially had my dream wedding taken away from me. When I tried explaining to people why I was upset, I would get responses such as:

  • “Oh, you’re so lucky you don’t have to plan anything” – but I wanted to.
  • “You’re having your wedding at the Ritz and Omni? That’s every girl’s dream” – but not my dream.
  • “Just be respectful, it’s okay if you don’t get your way” – Ok... 🙁
  • “Just let your her have the wedding she wants” – but what about the wedding I want?

Maybe as you are reading this, you agree with what everyone told me– and that’s fine. I just wanted to write a little behind the scenes of the wedding so that I at least get to share my story. Truth be told, the only thing that was getting me through the entire process of wedding planning (or lack thereof) was the fact that I already had my husband by my side. We were already married (legally) and Ajeet has been so incredibly supportive throughout everything. We both decided that on our 5 year anniversary, we will renew our vows and have that wedding I always wanted right off the cliff in La Jolla! 🙂 Anyway, with an exception of a few emotional outbreaks, I stayed quiet and let my new mom work her magic. My mother-in-law planned every bit of the wedding– and at the end of the day, she did a wonderful job and we’re very grateful and thankful for everything both our parents have done for us. 💕  In case you weren’t following my on IG stories, here’s the breakdown of events:

Tuesday, March 28: Mehndi at the house
Wednesday, March 29: Sangeet at the Ritz
Thursday, March 30: More traditions and rituals at the house
Friday, March 31: Religious Ceremony at the Gurudwara
Saturday, April 1: Reception at Omni Dallas

I plan to have more wedding posts in the near future so keep checking back for more! My next wedding blog post will discuss the vendors that we hired and my thoughts on each and every single one of them!!

P.S. Sorry for the iPhone quality photos!! We are still waiting on our professional ones! 😉

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  1. April 6, 2017 / 9:20 AM

    Nita, I can get wait to read more about your wedding. Honestly, I am looking forward to 5 years from now reading about your dream wedding, every woman deserves that!

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