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The Perfect Scarf


Happy Monday loves! Today’s post is all about my VèVèlle scarf that I’m wearing! Now I know y’all have heard me rant about VèVèlle a couple of times before (previous blog posts) but I did have one last scarf I wanted to show off because it’s absolutely gorgeous! As mentioned before, VèVèlle offers 100% silk scarves that really add a perfect amount of sophistication to your outfit! I’m wearing a perfect business professional work outfit and spiced it up with this light weight scarf that matched perfectly! It was totally meant to be! VèVèlle has an incredible selection of scarves so go and check them out! I already have 3 and love them all! It’s the perfect touch especially with spring right around the corner. Deets for my exact scarf can be found below!



the Deets:
Scarf: VèVèlle

Until next time, xo.

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