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the perfect breezy romper

It’s true, I’m desperately craving a vacation right now– somewhere exotic for sure. I know there are beaches around me in California but it’s not EXOTIC you feel me?! I’ve actually NEVER been to Mexico and I’m heavily leaning towards somewhere there right now. Yesterday I posted on the gram asking for yall’s recommendations and you guys KILLED IT! There were so many great travel destination ideas– it’s making my travel bug worse but I’m also VERY excited to start exploring options!! Thank you for that and if you have any more recs, you can just comment down below on this blog post so I can always refer to it!!

Speaking of travel, I shot this outfit a couple of weeks back and TOTALLY forgot I had it!! I bought this cutie little romper from Anthropologie and it’s the perfect little travel romper! So great for the beach or breezy weather and it’s SUPER comfy too! I bought this when Anthro was having their 20% off sale– I’ll let you know when the romper is on sale again because it’s a bit pricey and I wouldn’t buy it regular price! It’s chambray and lightweight so even if you’re not traveling, it’s a good look for spring/summer!

Anyway, I have go to take care of my tires now! I told you guys about Firestone in a previous blog post and since then, the Firestone employee called me offering a discount on my tires. I do appreciate that but I simply don’t trust that specific store anymore so I’m looking into another tire repair store or another Firestone location. I posted a Firestone update on my IG stories today if you want to go check it out– basically I contacted customer service on 3/27/18 and NO ONE from corporate has reached out to me even when they said they would within 48 hours. I’m so disappointed in their customer service so I just needed to vent. Now off to adult life I go, I hope you guys are having a fun and SAFE Friday and enjoy the weekend– chat soon loves!




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