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Steppin’ Out with Ziggit

YOU GUYSSSSS! My 3rd and final year of law school started up on Monday and I’m already exhausted…and it’s only Wednesday. lol. I can already tell it’s going to be a roller coaster of a semester! Don’t worry though, I’m still going to blog as much as possible and keep you updated on life events! Which reminds me..I’ll be revealing some exciting news in the near future so stay tuned to read all about it in one of my future blog posts! 😁

Anyway, now that I got to vent a little about school life, let’s talk about accessories! The one thing I love about blogging in general is the idea that one can express oneself with clothes, makeup, accessories, etc. You can really get a feel for someone’s personality just by the way they dress! I love letting my personality shine through my style and now, I’ve found a new accessory to have fun with! Do you see these amazing pins on my tank top, camera strap, and shoes?! Yes. Ziggit pins allow us as individuals to customize anything we want all the while expressing ourselves express and letting our personality shine! I got 8 Ziggits, my favorite being the cactus!🌵 lol! They make a great accessories for my camera bag and my adidas sneakers. I threw one on my tank top too to give the plain tank top look some spunk! Ziggit pins are easy to attach on and isn’t damaging at all! You can get any letter, number, or even different symbols and Zicon emoticons that speak to your personality. I love how simple these pins are and yet, they’re so fun! I’m actually going to a music festival in a couple of months and these pins will be perfect for my outfits there too! With tons of variety, Ziggit has got you covered! ✌️

Styling with Ziggit!

Styling with Ziggit Pins!

Styling with Ziggit Pins!

Styling with Ziggit Pins!

Styling with Ziggit!

Styling with Ziggit in distressed jeans, adidas sneakers and a black tank!

I hope you guys enjoyed my styling with Ziggit post! These affordable accessories really do add some fun to your entire look! Plus, I’ve been meaning to get some accessories for my camera strap and I’m pretty darn happy with my Ziggit pins!

Chat soon, xo! 💋

This post was created in partnership with Ziggit however, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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