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#NSALE: the Deets

One of my favorite sales of the year is LITERALLY one day away and I’m here to guide you through it! I’m sure you’ve already seen so many fashionistas and bloggers post amazing round-ups and posts about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because seriously, it’s a big deal! You basically get next season’s amazing trends and brands at an affordable cost for only a limited amount of time! And yes, I mean designer brands as well! Keep reading to get the scoop!


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public on July 22 and ends on August 7! That means PRICES GO BACK UP on August 8!!! There is Early Access for you amazing people that have the Nordstrom credit or debit card by the way! If you got the card, your sale actually starts on July 14🎊That’s awesome news because I know firsthand that things sell out fast.


I personally think having a Nordstrom credit card or debit card is worth it, especially if you shop there a lot like me. There’s no annual fee, you get the benefits of being a Nordstrom cardholder (like early access to #NSALE), and you also get a $20 bonus note when you spend $100 at Nordstrom! Check out the deets and if you choose to sign up, you get an INSTANT notice letting you know whether you’ve been approved or not! And of course if approved, it’s time to shop away! 😉


I don’t know about you, but big sales kind of freak me out. I start to panic and look through EVERYTHING and basically feel at the moment that I need it all. It’s kind of like going to the grocery store hungry and you end up leaving with 20 other food items that you never really needed.

So instead of playing that game, let’s talk about a real strategy and how to get the best out of this sale! For me, I found it helpful to plan ahead just a tad and look through my closet and figure out what I need/want for the upcoming Fall season! So take a peek at your closet and brainstorm just a little. Do you need new ankle booties? Some awesome new fitness gear? A stylish new tote that’ll go with everything? Some new go-to skinny jeans? Whatever it may be, Nordstrom has got your back! Keep an eye out for the sale and my blog! I’ll be posting another blog post regarding the #NSALE in a few days with some of my FAV must-have items for the Fall. I’ll be sure to categorize it by item so it’s easy to read!😘


One of my favorite things about Nordstrom is that they offer free shipping and free returns ALL THE TIME. Seriously, Nordstrom really knows how to ensure you have an excellent shopping experience and I love every bit of it. Now, the great news is that you can access #NSALE from your bed. Yes it’s that easy. Nordstrom is offering online access to the sale to make your shopping experience easier and faster than ever!

Hope this helps guide you through the #NSALE fun! 😊 Stay tuned for a blog post ft. my fav sale items!

P.S. I’m including two outfit images I wore recently that include some awesome Nordstrom items! Deets below!


Romper: Topshop

Top: B.P. | Shorts: B.P.

Until next time, xo!

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