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Los Angeles: What We Did & Where We Stayed


Happy Monday! I hope you are bundled up on the couch enjoying this beautiful, cozy day! I’m doing the same – except with books and notes surrounding me!! 😐 I’ve got two exams this week on Tuesday and Thursday so I’m feverishly trying to get as much info in me as I can! I’ve learned after 2.5 years of law school that there is no point in stressing out during finals. Easier said than done, maybe because it did take me a couple of years to get here. Maybe it’s the senioritis in me talking but honestly all you gotta do is study hard and do your best and then, well, life goes on regardless of what happens! 😌 Anyway, I took a mini study break to write this post because I just couldn’t wait any longer to share my LAX experience over Thanksgiving break!!

Now most of y’all know that this wasn’t the first time I visited Los Angeles. In fact, I have a previous travel guide sharing my fav spots! This post is really designed to talk about my festival experience and where we stayed!

So the primary reason the hubs and I went to LA was to attend a music festival called “Dreamstate”. I’m not the biggest fan of trance but Ajeet is and I wanted him to have a great time since this is something he’s been wanting to go to for a long long time! I definitely had to hide my misery throughout the festival 😅 because man oh man was it not for me!!! It was a 2-day event (Fri and Sat) that started around 6pm and went on till 2am in San Bernardino! I was freezing my butt off for hours on Friday because I wasn’t bundled up enough (we thought the festival in indoors) and so I was already unhappy haha! Maybe I’m getting old but I just can’t stand LOUD music blasting its way through my ears and that’s essentially what happened from 6pm-2am. The hubs had a great time though so that’s really all that mattered to me. Oh and the festival did have hot chocolate which really helped me get through the insanity! #MyWeakness ☺ Needless to say I was counting down the hours until it hit 2am and we got to go back to our ever so comfortable hotel!!

I’m so glad we chose to stay at the Avalon Beverly Hills (c/o) during our weekend in LA. When we first checked in, valet was extremely kind and offered to bring our bags up to our room and immediately welcomed us with genuine care. The hotel lobby had a cool retro vibe going on that we loved! Everything was clean (it smelled clean too!) and the staff was super friendly! We were surprised to see that parts of the hotel was open to the outdoors which was super nice to get the natural breeze coming in! Our hotel room itself was SO COMFY. The bed felt absolutely amazing after hours on my feet at the festival! Overall, our room was super spacious which was GREAT, especially coming from Texas – we do like our space lol!

One thing I really enjoyed was the poolside vibe. We found the Viviane restaurant alongside the pool just right downstairs the main hotel building where we stayed! We stayed downstairs by the pool (they’ve got the cutest cabanas) and I spent hours on Sunday just reading for my exams! You can definitely get a lot of work done here which was exactly what I needed!! The hubs and I actually had brunch at Viviane on Sunday and my oh my was it so good!! I had the lemon ricotta pancakes (shared on Instagram) and it was seriously the best pancakes I’ve ever had!!

Los Angeles California

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

Viviane Restaurant at Avalon Beverly Hills

Avalon Beverly Hills

[full_width]Overall, the Avalon Beverly Hills did not disappoint and we’d love to stay there again! This boutique hotel is perfect for everyone – families, couples, etc. and the heart of Beverly Hills is only 10-minute walk! The great location, impeccable service and comfortable rooms won’t disappoint!

Hope y’all enjoyed this post and please do let me know if you have any comments or questions regarding our stay, the festival or anything else!! Chat soon, xo! 💋



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