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living in nyc || safety tips with Uber

How has it been one full week of living in New York City?! Time is really going to fly by living here, y’all! I already love it here SO much and can’t believe I didn’t move here sooner!!

One common question I received from y’all regarding my move is whether or not I’ll miss my car and as of now, my answer is no. I’ve had a car and have been driving ever since I was 16 (the same car too!) and I was honestly STOKED to sell my car and not have to drive for a while. I love riding with Uber whenever I can just because it allows me to actually get work done on-the-go. A lot of the time I’ll be riding solo to meetings or events and it’s so convenient to be able to request a ride with Uber and hop right in my ride, without having to drive myself.f

That all being said, there are certain safety measures I take before I even hop in a ride with Uber to begin with and I’m excited to partner with Uber to share their Check Your Ride initiative!

Next time you request a ride with Uber, follow their 3 “Check Your Ride” steps to make sure you get into the right car with the right driver-partner. Here’s a breakdown of what you should do:

    •  Always, always do this! Take a moment just to confirm the license plate matches the one in-app before you get in your ride.

Everything above is easily accessible in-app! I can’t emphasize how important taking those 3 precautionary steps are for anyone out there requesting rides through Uber no matter the time or day! Doing these steps will only take a minute of your time and are great safety measures to take every time you request a ride with Uber.

Let me know if y’all have any questions but you can refer to this page right here for more information! Chat soon, xo!

This post is sponsored by Uber. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make Next With Nita possible.


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