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japanese beauty double cleansing || DHC review

Learning about skincare is something that will never get old for me. I’m always excited to try out new brands and launches because you never know when you’ll hit that jackpot for your skin. I’m here to tell you about two “jackpot” products for me that I’ve been testing out for the last 4 weeks! I officially started double cleansing with these two products (eeek!!) and it’s been the best skincare decision I’ve made yet!

Introducing DHC Skincare…

Just to set the standards high for you, DHC is actually Japan’s #1 direct skincare company (major props there!!). Their mission is to help people everywhere feel beautiful in their own skin. Japanese beauty typically advocates for a four-step skincare process and one of them involves adding a cleansing oil to your routine. This step before you wash your face (aka double cleansing) really helps add a beautiful glow to your skin and after weeks of testing it out, I can 100% attest to that!  I started using DHC Cleansing Oil every night to remove any makeup + dirt and I’m so impressed! The key ingredients include organic olive oil (which is the core ingredient for DHC), rosemary leaf oil, and vitamin E. The best part of removing makeup with the DHC cleansing oil is how soft your skin feels afterwards. It’s so gentle yet so powerful in removing all your impurities! I love the olive oil base because it really gets off even waterproof formulas without making your skin so dry.

Right after the cleansing oil, I double cleanse by using DHC’s Face Wash which is ideal for those with sensitive and dry skin. I use this every night because of how clean my skin feels afterwards. The best part about the DHC Face Wash is the fact that it hasn’t made me break out at all! My skin is very acne-prone so I’m super careful about what I put on my skin. Not a lot will work on me and so I was very impressed with this face wash!

For those that my ask, I only double cleanse at night on days I’m wearing makeup since the oil so easily massages onto my skin and removes everything! If I haven’t convinced you yet, then this little fact will: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil sells every 10 seconds worldwide! Yup, it’s that good! This double cleansing duo is honestly such a steal especially right now because from 4/9 – 4/16 DHC will be having a Friends & Family sale making everything 20% off site wide with code HANAMI19!! It’s never too late to start double cleansing and trust me, you skin will thank you later!

Let me know if y’all have any questions and if you want to check out some of their other bestsellers, you shop them here!


This post is sponsored by DHC. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make Next With Nita possible.


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