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Incorporating retinol into my nighttime skincare routine

Incorporating retinol into my nighttime skincare routine

For the last three weeks, I’ve been religiously using Olay’s new Retinol24 collection to see if it makes a difference in my skin! Retinol is something that everyone around me as told me to add to my routine but I have never really given it a real chance until now!


Retinol is the #1 most dermatologist recommended ingredient and there have been more than 5,000 new retinol products launched globally since 2016! There’s so much buzz around the term ‘retinol’ because it is used to help treat acne, brighten skin tone, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and boost your skin’s collagen. Retinol24 is formulated with a combination of B3 plus Olay’s most transformative Retinoid Complex, including two types of retinol. There should be virtually no irritation with this line given how the product was optimized and made!


I used the Olay retinol products only at night. If you’re just starting out with retinol, I would recommend starting out every other night and increasing from there so you can see how your skin reacts to it. I would also personally skip retinol products on the nights you exfoliate though.


I don’t know why I didn’t start on retinol years ago!! I think I was avoiding it because retinol products are still kind of “new” and generally pricey but I’m SO excited that the Olay Retinol24 line is out for everyone to try AND is affordable! I tried all three products and ended up using the eye cream for the 3 weeks and I have to say, their eye cream is my FAVORITE and the one I’ll be using for a while. I have sensitive skin around my eyes so I used this cream every other night for a week and then transitioned to every night for the last two weeks. I probably could have gone in straight every day but I took precautionary measures since I do have sensitive skin.

The biggest thing for me was seeing a difference in my dark circles. I have hereditary dark circles so they’re always going to be there (unless I get a more invasive procedure done) but at the very least, I can find products that help brighten them. Olay Retinol24 has not only helped a lot in brightening my under eye area but it’s kept them so hydrated! Just that subtle brightening effect helps make me look more awake/rested and this is only after 3 weeks of use! In even better news, I didn’t have any breakouts from this line (which is huge from me!!) and I’m so happy to report that!!! J

They say the first sign of aging you see is in your eyes so I love that Olay Retinol24 eye cream really helps to reverse signs of aging + prevent wrinkles/lines. The formula is great too– it’s not too greasy and it didn’t cause me any irritation! No fragrance either! J I’m so impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the collection and I hope I convinced you to add a little retinol to your night time skincare routine! Don’t wait to see signs of aging to add retinol in your routine—preventative care is key!

Let me know if you’ve tried any retinol products before and what your thoughts are! Hope you found this post helpful—leave any questions down below or DM me on Instagram! Chat soon, xo!


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