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Giving Back: Animal Edition + Giveaway #3

The holidays are a time for giving. Most of y’all know I’m a huge animal advocate, and I really try and help as many rescue organizations as I can – especially during the holiday season. I know a lot of my followers are animal lovers and so I thought I’d share our newest fosters  today, meet Oakley and Riley! They’re 2 years old lab mixes and lived outdoors their entire life. I found them on Facebook actually and found out that their lives were dependent on someone giving them a chance. I checked the comments, and no one offered to foster!! 😢 I knew it was time for me to step up so I offered to foster and reached out to a rescue group to see if they could save them and well, they did! Fostering is honestly one of the most rewarding things a dog person can do. There are dogs out there homeless or on death row at shelters and they need us! For those of you that don’t quite know what fostering really is – you’re essentially saving a dog’s life by providing them a home, shelter and care until they get adopted. It’s a lot of responsibility but trust me, knowing you saved a life trumps everything else. All that being said, there are tons of rescue groups near you that need financial help. The rescue groups are the ones that pull animals from shelters, pay for their vet care, grooming, and everything in between until the little one gets adopted. So if you’re looking to give back this season, go ahead and see what rescue groups are near your area, trust me they’ll appreciate every dollar they can get to help save our beloved furry friends!!

Here’s a list of some great rescue groups / animal organizations that I personally donate to:
1. DFW Rescue Me
3. A Different Breed
4. Cody’s Friends Rescue
5. Urgent Pets on Death Row
6. ARC
7.  K-9 Angels Rescue
8. NYC Second Chance Rescue
9. Second Chance SPCA
10. Operation Kindness

One last comment…this is something that has been bothering me for years. You know how you hear those stories where parents “buy” their kids puppies for Christmas? It wasn’t until this past week at the mall when I overheard a couple of moms talking about buying their kid a dog from a breeder that I realized how real this issue is. I stood there, just mind-blown how some people don’t understand the difference between adopting and buying! It was at that moment that I actually saw it in real life, it was no longer just a story. I saw the conversation in real life, real moms choosing to support puppy mills rather than teaching their kids about adoption. I know there are some people that just aren’t educated on the subject, but there are others that blatantly ignore it and that’s the worst part. It sucks we are part of the problem, you know? The reason why so many animals end up homeless and die in shelters everyday is on us. So if you’re a parent or friend reading this and you want to get someone a dog for Christmas, please please PLEASE just give shelter dogs or rescue dogs a chance! They will forever be grateful and they will change your life for the better. If you’re more of an online “shopper”, you can check out www.petfinder.com to find your next furry friend and give them a forever home! 🐶💚

G I V E A W A Y   T I M E ! ! ! ! 🎁
For our third giveaway, head to Stefanie’s blog at According to Blaire to enter today’s exclusive giveaway! Good luck!!

Chat soon, loves! 💋

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