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Everyone Needs a Warm Fuzzy Vest

If you followed me along on Instagram Stories yesterday, I truly apologize that all my stories were BUG related. It was just one thing after another yesterday with more possible roaches, pest control coming and you know, the giant spider flying out of my jeans. Pest control literally flipped my mattress and we still couldn’t find that dang spider. Ajeet and I even looked for hours last night and that stupid thing just disappeared. I know for sure it’s not dead because we’d see it so it definitely hid somewhere and it’s driving me bananas!! I had such terrible sleep last night, waking up every hour or so just checking to see if the spider was back. I’m not even kidding when I say I legitimately have a phobia– I just can’t do spiders!!!

ANYWAY, in other non-bug related news, my mother-in-law bought me this stunning vest from Club Monaco right before Ajeet and I left for California and I’m so grateful!! I LOVE this vest– you can literally throw it on anything and everything. It’s such a pretty pale pink which makes it even more feminine and just lovely! The price is a bit steep so I’m going to link two other options here and I’ll keep you updated when the vest goes on sale!

I haven’t pulled out my white denim in a while but I was really feeling the winter wonderland vibe (even in LA, lol) with this vest so I figured I’d tie the whole look together with fitted white denim and OTK boots. My OTK boots were from last season and they’re sold out now but I’m linking two pretty similar options that you can get this season! I love how comfortable block heel boots are– definitely invest in good OTK boots that you can walk around in for hours!




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