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easy breezy yellow dress

I’m going home today, ah-wahoooooo!! January seriously dragged, y’all. I’ve been waiting for this day for SO LONG to go home and see my family and YES THAT MEANS I GET TO SEE MY SWEET LITTLE DOG SNUFFY!!! Why are we going this weekend, you ask? We are going home to celebrate my dad’s birthday which is on Monday and then of course, we’re going to be with our best friends for the Super Bowl too!! 🙂 I have about 4 hours to pack for two weeks– not really sure how I’m going to do it!! I’ll keep y’all posted on IG stories, hehe!! I have to pack for Dallas and then I”m headed straight to New York for fashion week. This was seriously such a last minute plan and I’m amazed at how almost everything fell into place within the matter of days. I’m excited to go on this business trip but I’m soooo bummed that I’m going without the hubs 🙁 We’re going to be apart for a whole week and that’s the longest we’ve ever been apart. It’s going to be tough but we’ll have to FaceTime like we used to!! #thegoodoldays.

This dress is MY FREAKIN’ FAVORITE! It’s so perfect for spring with the floral print, breezy ruffles, and draped sleeves. I’m 5’4 and wearing size XS for reference! We’ve got every size still in stock and it also comes in blue too which I honestly may consider buying because I love how flattering the dress is! I do think the dress falls shorter than I would have liked but I wore some spanx underneath and paired it with my Stuart Weitzman boots to elongate the whole look! The shoes are mine but the beautiful Chloé bag belongs to my sister– I just love borrowing it when I see her! She won’t let me take it to NYFW with me because she thinks I’ll lose or it get it dirty…she knows me too well, I must say.

Anyway, love you tons and I hope y’all have a great Friday!!!



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