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Comfy Tee meets Sizzling Skirt




I’m so excited to share this post with you guys, mainly because I’m going to talk about my girl Tay! This was my third #TaylorSwift concert and oh my heavens was it AMAZING. It seriously keeps getting better and better every time- I don’t know how she does it. Yes, I was surrounded by little girls with their mothers/fathers and young women that dragged their boyfriends with them, haha. But I have NO SHAME. Taylor Swift is absolutely incredible. She knows how to put on a show and not to mention, she’s super talented. Even if you somehow find yourself not liking her music, I doubt you wouldn’t to have a great time at her show. The production was fabulous and she really knew how to talk to the crowd. I’m pretty sure at one point she saw my signs and smiled 😀 Maybe it was to the air surrounding me, but I’m going to tell everyone that it was at my sign 😀 Other than not being chosen to go backstage to see her :/ it was the best night of my life!

ANYWAY back to fashion business. I wanted to wear something with a little dazzle because well, it’s Taylor Swift. However, I knew I was going to be dancing throughout almost every song so I paired this sizzling skirt with an extremely comfy v-neck cotton tee. This outfit allowed me to dance comfortably and still be dolled up! I received so many compliments on this skirt, it’s a must-have! Links below <3


Until next time, xo.

the Deets:

DSC_1260-3 DSC_1265-3


DSC_1348-3 DSC_1360-2



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