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building on our vision in 2020!

What a year, 2019! Just looking at Nita’s top 9 reminds me of so many memorable moments. I feel like we made a lot of big moves this year (literally) and grew a lot together. In our blog post at the end of 2018 we laid out some goals that we wanted to meet but before we dive into that, so let’s take a quick stroll down 2019 Memory Lane…

This year definitely had highs that we’re eternally grateful for. We made the big jump from LA to NY that Nita has wanted ever since she was a little girl. We attended to the rewardStyle conference for the first time. Our audience and business grew to amazing new heights. Nita got verified on Instagram and we celebrated in the best way we knew: with donuts. Nita and I really focused on personal growth as well in 2019 and made time for self care which was one of our resolutions for the year.

All in all, 2019 was a very blessed and exciting year for us. We experienced growth but that’s not to say that the struggles, failure and lows didn’t come with it. We have a new appreciation for those struggles and lows because it also made us strive for highs even more. Nita and I quickly learned that in life, you can’t have any highs if you don’t have any lows to rise from. I doubt we would have sprung for our NYC apartment had we not had such a rough experience in our LA one so I guess in a way, it strangely was a blessing in disguise. Our stressful times made us stronger and tested us to make sure what we are striving for is something we truly want.

looking back at our 2019 goals

With all that said, I’m going to list out our goals from 2019 and let’s see how we fared:

  • Network more.
    • Networking for both work and personal reasons was definitely something that we wanted to improve in 2019 and I feel like we absolutely have. I could not be prouder of Nita for taking control of her social anxiety and being able to interact with so many people. It’s much easier to talk to people if you remind yourself that they’re just regular people that pee and poop just like you and me.
  • Wake up earlier.
    • We could’ve done this a lot better throughout the year. We used to wake up for work in a panic in LA because the 3 hour time difference meant that New York was starting work at 6 AM our time. It really put a lot of stress on us because it also meant that everyone would go home at 2 PM our time and most of the agencies and brands we work with are based on the East coast. We had some bursts of waking up early at 6-7 AM in New York but that definitely tapered off at the end of 2019. I’ll be keeping this one on the list for 2020.
  • Make new friends when we move to New York.
    • I am proud of to say that we absolutely knocked this one out of the park! New York has truly welcomed us with open arms and we’ve made some amazing friends such a short period of time. We’ve definitely had some hardships in trying to connect with a lot of people in LA because it’s so hard to get around but New York makes it so easy for us to actually spend time connecting with other people in the creative community.
  • Eat way less dairy.
    • Nita and I actually went dairy-free for the most part! There’s almost exclusively vegan cheese in our fridge at home and we haven’t bought conventional milk even once in New York. It’s definitely helped us control our weight and keep our skin in check!
  • Make time to enjoy our journey in LA and NY before we have kids!
    • We definitely explored a lot of LA and the California coastline too during our time there! It was so cool to really flesh out a lot of the state while we were there. We’re trying to repeat that in New York as well not just in the city but also the surrounding states. We’ve already driven up to Vermont to see the fall transition and Philadelphia as well. We’re making plans to go see Washington DC hopefully during cherry blossom season!
  • Continue to grow YouTube– creating 1-2x videos a week.
    • To be honest, we both wish Youtube had been a stronger source of content for us in 2019. We didn’t stay as consistent as we wanted and that’s something we’re really going to focus on in the New Year. I feel like our personalities really shine through videos so we’re going to do our best to connect with you guys even more. We’ll keep at it doing 1 video a week!
  • Eat healthier + take advantage of our Equinox membership.
    • We definitely ate super healthy this year! Between going dairy-free and switching to odd foods like red lentil pasta, I feel like we really did our best to eat healthy this year. 2019 was the first year I had cheat days that didn’t drastically increase my weight! We have a gym in our apartment in NY so we’ll be making sure we work out 4-5x a week right after our Aspen trip.
  • Focus more on self love.
    • 2019 was definitely a god year for self love 💕 We took up masking together for some peaceful time amongst the chaos and we made time to just be with each other as often as possible. I hope we can keep this up in 2020 and maybe even focus more on date nights!
  • Continue to share more of the real + keep things unfiltered.
    • This is something I’m really proud of us for doing throughout the year. Keeping things as real as they are and showing as much of us as we can is our favorite way to connect with you guys and the deepest foundation of our brand. It’s also been so nice to have you guys keep us grounded and engaged throughout this crazy journey together and let’s keep the party rolling into 2020!
  • Learn to look at the big picture.
    • We looked at the year of 2019 as one of change and purpose for us. We switched sides of the country and we still kept grinding to build a solid foundation for us. Now that we’re 30 and in the new decade of the 20s, it’s time for us to build onwards and upwards to the skies.

seeing in 2020

Our 2020 goals are going to include some oldies but goldies from 2019 and some new ones as well. I’m super stoked to see what we can make happen in the first year of the Roaring 20s!

  • Wake up earlier and stay consistent with our time.
  • Enjoy more of New York and traveling before we have kids.
  • Be more consistent with YouTube + the blog.
  • Launch our podcast!
  • Grow our IG to 400k + YouTube to 10k subscribers.
  • Keep sharing the real + our lives unfiltered.
  • Work smarter, not harder. This is a big shift for us as we exit the “grind phase” and enter in our “build phase” in our 30s.
  • Time block better and be more organized.
  • Go to the gym at least 4x a week.
  • Continue to make family a priority and see them on a monthly basis.

2020, let’s build!! <3


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