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A Walk in the Woods

How I styled my Shirt Dress with a Mens WatchDSC_0202-2

Let me let y’all in on a little secret (this is primarily for the girls out there reading this). I’m not sure if I’m the only one out there that feels this, but there are just days where I do NOT want to get all dolled up to look cute. I just want to look cute and not try. You know what I’m sayin’?! I used to think it was impossible to look cute without trying but I’ve been proven wrong with this FREAKING AWESOME SHIRT DRESS from Charlotte Russe. This is genius. GENIUS. I wear this shirt dress almost every week at school (people probably think I never wash my clothes). It’s just THAT DANG comfortable and incredibly soft. You just slip on one thing and your whole outfit is ready to go. It’s that easy.


I went ahead and accessorized this shirt dress with a chunky, in style, mens watch from #Fossil. The watch really added some personality and attitude to make the outfit little more masculine.

You see me wearing this dress in plaid because I wanted a more chill/laid back look. However, if you’re not feeling casual, get a plain one and doll it up with a stylish belt and a few accessories (maybe even a statement necklace) and you just turned this outfit around! Accessories will definitely make a plain shirt dress into a night-out kind of ensemble. Ladies, do yourself a favor and buy a shirt dress. Doesn’t have to be this one (although this is amazing) but just BUY ANY SHIRT DRESS. It’ll change your world.


P.S. – to match the nature-y theme of this blog post, I kept my makeup to a minimum with an all natural look using Laura Mercier’s foundation and Nars Blush (Orgasm)!

<3 Until next time, xo.

       DSC_0213-2 DSC_0220-2

the Deets:

  • Shirt Dress: Charlotte Russe
  • Booties: Charotte Russe
  • Watch: Fossil



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