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A Jumpsuit that Feels Like PJs

Happy Monday my loves! I just woke up (it’s 10am 😴) and it felt so nice to sleep in after a very long and productive weekend! I’m trying to plan ahead on my posts for the next few weeks because things are about to get really crazy and busy with exams just around the corner. My last day of exams EVER is May 10 (!!!) and I seriously can’t wait to be done!! I just have to survive the next few weeks soooo let’s do this!

Okay so you all know I blog about fashion and the hottest new must-haves but let’s face it, there are times where I just want to be in PJs all day long. I probably own more cute PJ sets than shoes (one day I’ll just have an entire post dedicated to PJs!). What if I told you there is a jumpsuit out in this world that makes you look cute and fashionable but you feel still like you’re in PJs?! Yes girl. Yes! I found the softest and most comfortable jumpsuit and I have been living in it all weekend long. Not only is it super soft, it’s dang cute. I’m linking it here for now but I’m super sad because it’s sold out right now!! I’m hoping it comes back in stock and if it does I will let you know! I’ve linked a few other amazing purple jumpsuits though in case it’s just what you are looking for this spring! I wore this jumpsuit twice this past weekend, once with my go-to nude heels you see here and once with light pink flats! I’ll link those as well! 😉

I hope everyone has a great start to the week!! 💙



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